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Ways of doing charity in the UAE

One can do charity in the UAE by setting up a charitable organisation, donating and raising funds, volunteering, paying zakat and sponsoring individuals.

Setting up a charity

UAE nationals wishing to set up a charitable organisation in the UAE can apply online to Ministry of Community Development.

Expatriate residents need to submit their application to the ministry through their respectiveembassy or consulate in the UAE.

The ministry will consider the application and refer it to the Cabinet, which takes the final decision on registering the organisation.

In Dubai, the following entities can give official recognition and licenses for charitable organisations, NGOs and humanitarian relief organisations:

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Charitable organisations

Government entities responsible for social, charitable and humanitarian work within and outside the UAE:

Charitable organisations in the UAE:

Humanitarian organisations for women:

Donating and raising funds

You can raise funds only after obtaining the approval of General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments at the national level or Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department at Dubai level. After obtaining the approval, the initiative must be in co-operation with licensed charity associations.

The UAE also bans calling for, promoting and collecting donations through online channels without first obtaining proper licensing from the competent authorities, as per Article 27 of the Federal Law No. 5 of 2012 on Combatting Cybercrimes (PDF, 61.2 KB).

You can donate clothes and money to registered charitable organisations by depositing them in boxes located in public places.

Beit Al Khair has several donation sites.

You can donate money through online payment, net banking, phone banking and text messages. Check with the organisations for the ways you can pay.

During Ramadan, many organisations set up tents near co-operative supermarkets for receiving donations.

Learn also about UAE initiatives to fight hunger locally and globally.

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Paying zakat

Paying zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It involves paying money to the poor or the needy.Zakat Fund accepts zakat and allocates it to its own projects and activities and to those undertaken by their partners . Read about the different ways of paying zakat .

How to apply for Zakat?

If you meet the criteria to receive Zakat as determined by the UAE’s Zakat Fund, you may request for zakat online. You may also apply for a petition to restudy your case if your request was rejected or the amount allocated is insufficient. You may check processing time for each service in the service card itself.

Financial sponsorship to the needy

You can provide financial sponsorship through Emirates Red Crescent Authority to:

Taking care of prisoners

According to Federal Law No. 2 of 2001, Ministry of Community Development provides monthly assistance to the families of prisoners.

You can contribute to the care and rehabilitation of prisoners and their families in cooperation with:

Reporting beggars

Begging for alms is a crime. The fasting month of Ramadan historically records an influx of people arriving into the country as part of an elaborate con to raise funds, stated the UAE’s Ministry of Interior.

The ‘Fight Begging’ campaign is initiated by MOI and aims at combating this uncivil phenomenon, and raise security awareness amongst members of the public on the risks of sympathising with beggars. Read about what to do if you come across a beggar in the UAE.

Beggars are liable to fine and/or deportation as decided by the courts. You can report beggars in:

  • Abu Dhabi on 999 or 8002626 (Aman Service)
  • Dubai on 800243
  • Sharjah on 065632222
  • Ras Al Khaimah on 072053372
  • Ajman on 067401616
  • Umm Al Quwain on 999
  • Fujairah on 092051100 or 092224411

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Updated on 13 May 2018