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New to Yoga@Home

If you find that fighting traffic and your schedule to get to a yoga class is creating more stress than relief, then bringing yoga into your home can be a way to infuse your practice with a simple and welcome ease. Practicing yoga at home can save you time, energy, and money, and perhaps even set you up for greater success in honoring your intention of commitment. Whether you are new to yoga or are taking your current practice to a new level, developing a home practice can meet you where you are and give meaningful rewards to both body and mind when you need them most.

We offer Gems SIlverSneakers Yoga for fifty plus,

  • Gems Flex for Flexibility,
  • GemsSculpt for Weightloss,
  • GemsMeditate for Stress Release,
  • GemsTherapy for Neck, shoulder back pain, arthritis, B.P, GemsMind for Peace and Relief from anxiety and depression and to create calm,
  • GemsPrenatal for Pregnancy from end of 3rd month,
  • GemsAnimal for Yoga for Children,
  • Gemshormones for Fertility Yoga and
  • GemsEvents for Yoga Birthdays and
  • Beach Yoga