Welcome to Gems of Yoga! Fire up, the sun and moon in you!!

  1. Attitude of Gratitude
    I have been hearing this one for years and have always enjoyed it. Be thankful for the small and large things that come your way be they positive or negative. Be expressive and positive in words, acts, and feelings. Find contentment in all tasks.
  2. Please book your session at 04-3315161 or whatsapp 050-1660914 and ask for a trial Yoga Session and inform the studio if you are first time Yogi to the world of Yoga or to Gems Of Yoga.
  3. Please go through our packages and price list to know which the relevant package is for you based on your state of health and frequency of visit. Please note that trial sessions are prepaid. Limited packages are priced as per your frequency of visit in a month which could be once, twice or 3 time. Unlimited packages re recommended for weightloss yoga and some therapeutic cases like high b.P., knee and joints stiffness and for advancing faster into a new body definition. Anxiety, depression calls for a daily practice in the first month for good result as well.
  4. If new to Yoga please arrive 15 minutes prior to your class for a small briefing session and watch the Yoga Video that we will post on our facebook page facebook.com/gemsofyogauae . Please like our facebook page so you can be updated on the instructor’s schedule and any last moment cancellation or change of instructors. We will post this video on our Blog
  5. Please fill up a contact sheet and sign the brown book and change and wait in the Om Lounge to wait or the previous class to end and to center yourself. Lockers are in the studio.
  6. Try to arrive on time
    While work, family, and driving conditions do affect this, try to arrive on time. It is awkward when a person arrives late to a class who have already settled into pranayama and now the whole row must shift over disrupting the flow. If you are late, allow the instructor to help you find a space. It may not be where you want to sit, but they often see a spot that will offer the minimum amount of disturbance to the rest of the class.
  7. Turn off Your Electronics  Phones, wrist watches, iPads—anything that dings, rings or buzzes—should be turned off.
    Want to know what can get all eyes on you in a yoga class faster than a no-handed headstand? When the peaceful silence is interrupted by a siren wail, otherwise known as the ring tone you gave to your mother-in-law. AWKWARD! Phones, wrist watches, iPads—anything that dings, rings, or buzzes—should be turned off before class. Even that dangly necklace that your kids made for you that jingles as you move shouldn’t make its way into the practice space. Leave anything that makes noise but doesn’t breathe outside of the studio. Not only do you not want to distract others, but you want to be totally present in class without the outside world demanding your attention. Even if it is your mother-in-law.
  1. Let the instructor know if you are new to class
    Many classes are open sessions, which means there is usually a core group who comes regularly and then a spattering of people who come as schedules permit. This way you let the instructor know you are new to them and gives the instructor an opportunity to discuss the class with you.
  2. If you have practiced Yoga before please indicate to the office your level as:
    Beginner: If you feel very stiff/and can’t hold shoulder stand and Plough pose.
    Intermediate: If you can do a headstand.
    Advanced: If you can do Rajkapotasana or Pigeon pose.
  3. Let the instructor know if you have any injuries
    Even if you are a regular, the instructor doesn’t know what you are bringing to that days class. Maybe you fell over the weekend and strained a wrist. Perhaps you have a recurring injury that has manifested itself again. This way they know not to adjust you or can offer modifications that will assist you in your recovery.
  4. Avoid stepping on other people’s mats
    This seems an obvious thing, but it is surprising how many people walk willy-nilly over others mats. Your mat, be it your own or a borrowed one, is your sacred space for this session. Honor that space. If the room is especially crowded, try and walk the edges as best as possible.
  5. Be Aware of the Space You Take
    Though the teacher often moves around the room and does demonstrations from various places in the studio, be aware of where you’re placing your mat so you don’t sit yourself directly in front of someone else. It is common courtesy to stagger yourself so that the person behind you has a clear view of the teacher.
  6. Um…Don’t Smell-up the Room
    I’m not suggesting you be concerned with body odor—actually quite the opposite. Be concerned about perfumes. Often, those in that yoga class with you are on the natural path, and the smell of commercial lotions and perfumes make some people sick (literally). Try to go au naturel, or if you really would like to smell better without being offensive, drop a dab of essential oil onto your wrists.
  7. Refrain from talking during class
    It is distracting for the students and instructor when best friends are carrying on “coffee talk” or running commentary in the back corner. Please save friendly conversation for before or after class.
    Some days we begin class with no talking to allow people to ground and center themselves before the session starts. If the roomful of people is quiet, honor that. If you are visiting a studio and some yogis are quite chatty at the start of class, honor that too. Yoga is a community and for some talking before class strengthens that communal bond.
  8. Stagger your mats
    If you line up with the people around you, you will be swatting hands and limbs all through your session. If you alternate mats (one mat forward, one back, one forward) it gives everyone a bit of additional space to move freely. Plus by doing this ahead of time the whole row won’t have to adjust again at the start of class.
  9. Let the instructor know immediately if an adjustment does not work for you OR if you DO NOT want to be adjusted
  10. Let the instructor know if you need to leave early
    It is disconcerting for the instructor to suddenly have a student roll up their mat an leave 15 minutes before class is finished. The instructor is left wondering, Did I offend? Did they hurt themselves? What happened? This way the student can leave without awkwardness and the instructor can facilitate final poses for that person.
  11. The first session is Trial Session and is a paid session.
    Packages have to be paid upfront by credit card or cash. When 1 session is remaining you will receive a reminder email or whatsapp for your renewal. Your attendance card helps you to keep track of your classes so please have it signed by admin everytime you come for your yoga class. If not renewed and the session is taken then the session would be paid as a trial session cost. Please note that our packages are non refundable and not transferable and expired sessions cannot be carried forward. You can freeze one time for every 12 sessions package. You must send us an email at admin@gemsofyogadubai.com or whats app message at 050-1660914 for freeze. All unused packages expire at the end of the year.
  12. Guest Policy & Complementary Session on Your referrals
    You can give 2 yoga session for every 12 yoga sessions to your guest. Your referrals earns you 1 yoga class in case your referral takes a 8-12 sessions yoga package provided you hold a valid package with Gems Of Yoga.Please make your booking, cancellations, freeze package information at our whatsapp 050-1660914.
  13. We hope to make your yoga journey from being a novice to a regular student to a daily practice student to be able to transition to our workshops and to become a yoga teacher trainer from UK Yoga Alliance Professionals.Please aim for 10 days attendance to 20  days attendance to 30 days attendance if you have an unlimited package. You move from a beginner to regular to being a committed yogi. Yoga will reward you by creating new possibilities of your body leading to new thought pattern of your mind.Dear Student please sign up the Diamondtaire Moon Application Form to avail special online promotions and coupons announced from time to time.
  14. We invite you to create a more vibrant Yoga Teaching communities and ask for our franchising details in case you are interested to open up a Gems Of Yoga Center. Teachers please sign up for Diamondtaire Sun Application Form if you want to teach at Gems Of Yoga.
  15. Please consider sponsoring Gems Of Yoga. Read more about it on our About Page on our website www.gemsofyogadubai.com