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Gems Of Yoga has a classical approach to yoga. Being in a country true to its culture and yet showing respect for other cultures with clear boundaries and operating Yoga Classes from the year 2000 to now 2018, we have seen that Yoga can retain the classical approach without being religious or gender biased. The vision of Gems Of Yoga is based on life alignment principles which are a blend of science and yoga philosophy. Language is a medium of communication and Yoga transcends the language. It is the teacher’s personal choices that can give Yoga a flavor not applicable to the corporates.

The reference to non-discrimination with respect to religion means that spiritual references may be experienced by an employee as discriminatory. Typical yoga practice elements such as chanting in Sanskrit or referencing religious texts can be perceived as a religious bias. The protections from discrimination based on sex (and pregnancy) and disabilities mean we can’t ask who in the room is pregnant or if anyone is injured, so common a practice in any yoga or fitness class. When you fold in the non-harassment aspect of the act, we also have to guard against creating a sexually-charged environment through our clothing, hands-on adjustments and avoid making anatomical references that may make employees uncomfortable. Additionally, we can’t teach with reference to what may work well for the women in the room in contrast with what may work for the guys, or call out a modification because we see a physical limitation due to age or ability on the behalf of a specific student.

Thinking through these dynamics, it is clear we not only have to understand the relational and legal implications of workplace yoga, but we need to consider the mind-set many of our students maintain when at work. Will using a student to demonstrate exacerbate competitiveness for those present? Might someone feel singled out when repeatedly corrected in practice? As teachers we have to understand and have empathy for these common workplace dynamics, and develop strategies to keep all present safe without inciting such insecurities. We have to study and refine our skills with respect to prop-less modifications and “Hands Off” adjustments. We need to rethink how we integrate inspiration without conveying religious bias, how we address injuries, and even how we start and end classes.

I strongly believe that there is a natural place for yoga to be taught in work environments. Put simply, the parameters described above are not limiting factors, simply factors for teachers to learn, understand and respect. By doing so and strategizing how to be true to the practice we love, we can deliver the benefits of yoga without violating the rights and protections guaranteed to employees.

To perform in a centered manner amidst chaos.
To build the necessary resilience to sustain Innovation and Performance.
Yoga Principles of Full Engagements and laws of success through Talks, Talks, Interactive Activities, A Feedback, Full Involvement by connecting to the source of energy. Measurement and quality of Energy.
Change Management with connection to the purpose.

It is not just a Yoga class

We will have focus of each class and employee engagement and participation at all levels through self reflection and wording it out on Gems Of Yoga “The Blooming Of The Lotus Sheet” along with Yoga Asanas , Pranayama and Meditation Schedule and a way is shown to take the Yoga from the mat to off the mat in their life.