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RYT 300 Hours for USA


Gems Of Yoga invites you to connect to the Gems Of Yoga RYT-300 Hours Professional Program.
Below you will find all the details for becoming a RYT 300 hours Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher.
This coursework of 300 hours combined with your RYT 200 Hour training will entitle you to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500-Hour level.
If you did not take RYT 200 hours with Gems Of Yoga, you will be required to go through a screening interview with the teaching faculty.

To reserve a place in the training, please send your complete application with a Dhs. 1,000/- deposit. In order to receive the early registration price, your payment must be made in full by the early registration date. Enrollment is limited and we recommend applying early as to avoid being placed in waiting list. If you are applying for a training being held at Gems Of Yoga Studio, unlimited yoga is included in your tuition for the duration of the training.

A complete application consists of the following three documents:
  • 1

Primary Application form with 2 passport size photos and passport copy.

  • 2


  • 3

Essay of 200 words on “What are your career aspirations, what would you like to do after the RYT-300Hrs programme?

Graduates from a Non Gems Of Yoga 200 hour will need to submit a copy of their 200 hour diploma or Letter of Completion.

How To Submit Your Application

Dhs.1,000/- non-refundable deposit is due with your application. Full payment is required no later than the start of the program. Your payment is due in full by the early registration date in order to receive the discounted rate, to activate your unlimited yoga series (if applicable).

Requirement: To apply for the 300 Hours, Gems Of Yoga welcomes graduates from all Yoga Alliance Registered 200 hour trainings into our program. Successful completion of 300 hours of RYT Modules will certify you as a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance.


DATED: 12/1/2019 TO 14/2/2019
TIME: 07.00 am – 3.00 PM

TOTAL COST: Dhs 15,500/-

  1. A) Pay by Credit Card :
    1. Master Card
    2. Visa Card
      Please pass by the office to make payment.
  1. B) Bank Transfer :
    1. NBAD Account Number : 6202802893
    2. IBAN Number : AE04 0350 0000 0620 2802 893
  1. C) Paying by Cash :
    Please pass by the office to make payment.
300 Hrs Synopsys

300 Hrs. of Yoga Practice Before the Main Training with Non ERYT

  1. Advanced Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Kriyas, relaxation techniques and Hatha yoga practice in a class situation.
    • Theory Part
  2. Detail study of the first two chapters of Patanjali Yoga Sutra
  3. Study of the selected verses and chapters of Bhagwad Gita
  4. Hatha Yoga Pradeepika

Summary of Chapter first and 2nd

Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

  1. Samkhya Philosophy
  2. Tantra and Yoga
  3. Yoga Therapy
  4. Technique Training
    • Suryanamaskar
    • Asanas

Gems Of Yoga inherits the ancient approach of yoga to let the inner teacher of our student shine.
To see this vision yoga yamas and niyamas as described by Patanjali become a framework to conduct your teachings and practices.
Your Dincharya or the beginning of day starts like this.

Every step of behaviour is under the concept of behavioral chemistry, Achar Rasayan.

You live your yamas and niyamas whenever feasible if not hundred percent and this transparency in the behaviour of individual is essential to be in the path of Yoga.

300 Hrs Synopsys
  • Routine of the course should be followed. Discipline is integral to your training and disrespect may render 
the student to lose studentship with no refund.
  • Absenteeism is breach of discipline. Prior intimation and permission should be taken from the manager. 
If any meal is not going to be taken, it should be informed, so no food is wasted.
  • Guests of student should make their own arrangement.
  • No student would be allowed to enter late once the class starts
  • Only vegetarian meals are permissible at Gems Of Yoga during training.
  • Any faxes, photocopies, printing incur extra charge from the office.
  • All books borrowed must be returned and all dues settled.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, are strictly prohibited.


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