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Introduction to Yoga protocol for Setting Up your Yoga@Home Class
  1. Please send the inquiry form
  2. Gems Of Yoga will call you to confirm your location, start date and confirm the price information.
  3. The instructor will send you a WhatsApp message introducing themselves to you and getting the villa number or apartment number, if not mentioned in the location pin sent by you.
  4. Please have the area where you will practice yoga cleaned and mopped specially if you are doing it in the home Gym.
  5. Please buy the starter kit. It contains 1 GOY branded t-shirt, yoga mat, essential oil and an oil burner. It is optional.
  6. Please wear something loose and comfortable.
  7. Face the direction of prayer.
  8. Do not have pets around the area.
  9. A small carpet under the mat is recommended.
  10. The teachers use wall as a drop. Hopefully there is an empty wall around your practice area.
  11. Please do not eat 3 hours before practice. You can eat after the practice.
  12. Shower half an hour before practice.
  13. Please do not offer chocolate to the teacher. Fruits or juice or just a water bottle can be offered.
  14. Yoga class can move from 60 minutes to 75 minutes and if you have any timely commitment, then please inform the teacher, so they may close the class in the correct time.
  15. Please allow 10-15 minutes up and down for the instructor to reach you as the traffic conditions can sometimes be unpredictable.
  16. Please cancel one day before your scheduled class before 08:00pm. Same day cancellation is counted as a class.
  17. If Gems Of Yoga needs to cancel the class, we would also do that one day in advance.
  18. Cancelling same day by Gems of Yoga means you would be entitled to a complimentary class.

Things to consider Before the trial class

  • Trial Class is prepaid.
  • Package is separate.
  • Please advise the instructor if you need a gems of yoga starter kit or mat.
  • Please indicate to office if you want to pay by credit card so the teacher can bring the credit card machine.

Things to consider After the trial class

  • You can decide in case you want to take the package.
  • Please give the days, times and schedule of classes.
  • All changes must be relayed to whatsaap 050-1660914 as written communication, even if it is relayed to instructor verbally.
  • You would receive an attendance card which the instructor would sign for you. This card will stay with you for you to know the number of sessions you have done.
  • The instructor will also take your signature on the file to communicate to office your attendance.
  • Cancellations without information would be signed as 2 classes on the next class.
  • Please relay to the whatsapp number, any requirements of handouts that you like which we can customize for you to develop a regular practice at home.
  • Please join our diamondtaire Moon yogi Programme to avail any discounts and promotions.
  • Please consider sponsoring Gems of yoga. Please see more details on our ABOUT page on our website www.gemsofyogadubai.com
  • From time to time, we may request for your written audio or video testimonial.

Please indicate your choice.

  1. Written
  2. Verbal-podcast
  3. Video
  4. Not interested

Please sign the release form.