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32 Answers: What you want to know about Yoga?

If your question isn’t answered here, we invite you to find us at the studio, via email or by phone at 9714-3315161. You’ve heard it before, but really, there’s no such thing as a silly question. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you come to practice with us! So ask away!

Yoga for Health

It means yoga for flexibility and for stress release. It also includes pain management and therapy. It means you should try different yoga sessions which are as follows:


You’ve decided to finally start doing yoga — but after Googling classes in your area, your head is spinning. Should you try Ashtanga or Iyengar? And what’s the difference between hot yoga and Vinyasa? The array of options can be enough to scare newbies off the mat for good.
But here’s why you shouldn’t be scared: Like cross training, incorporating a variety of types of yoga into your regular practice can help keep you balanced, “Try a few different studios, teachers and styles. Then, stick with the one that resonates with you for a good amount of time and be dedicated to the practice,”. “The first day you don’t like a class shouldn’t be a reason to bolt and try something new.”

A 1. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “to yoke” or “to unite.” As a practice, it is a scientific system for achieving total health, mental, and spiritual well-being — a means to unite the body, mind, and spirit. In the United Arab Emirates, the term yoga is often used to mean the postures, or the physical part of yoga; however, these poses, or asana, are only one of the eight “limbs” of yoga.
A2. Yoga is conditioning and stretching. You can practice it before any strenuous physical exercises. Alternately you will notice that after a high intense physical exercise, your body feels closed and painful. If you leave it, it will take 2-3 days to return to normal but with our 06.00 am class you will feel the ache and pain disappear and it works like muscle conditioning.
Absolutely! We offer daily Yoga for Beginners class and monthly Yoga Foundations workshop for beginning students who want a solid foundation in the breathing, alignment, and basic philosophy of yoga. If you prefer to dabble at your own pace, please talk to us so we can help you select the right class to begin. We have listed for you some of the classes that would be relevant for you during the week.


Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday:
07.00 AM ~ 08.00 AM – KRIYA YOGA
08.00AM ~ 09.00 AM – YIN YOGA
10.00AM ~ 11.00 AM – KRIYA YOGA
06.00PM ~ 07.00 PM – YOGA ,MIND & BODY
07.00PM ~ 08.00 PM – YOGA FOR BACK PAIN
08.00PM ~ 09.00PM – MEDITATION


10.00AM ~ 11.00 AM – HIP OPENERS
03.00 PM ~ 04.00 PM – YOGA FOR BACKACHE
07.00 PM ~ 08.00 PM – YOGA, MIND & BODY

12.00 PM ~ 01.00 PM – XXL YOGA
04.00 PM ~ 05.00 PM – PARTNER YOGA
07.00 PM ~ 08.00 PM – YOGA FOR BALANCE (1st – 10th of Month)




Ideally, yoga is meant to be a daily practice. As that is quite overwhelming to a beginner, we recommend you set a goal you can realistically keep. Consistency is the key—it’s far better to attend two classes per week without fail than to attend four classes one week, none for the next two weeks, one the next week, etc. The more you practice, the better you will feel, and the more you will want to practice!
Depending on your physical condition, your health, and your motivation for practicing, we can help guide you to the right class for you.
The Yoga classes model of Gems Of Yoga is unique. There are only a maximum of 6 yogis per class and even if there is 1 yogi the class takes place based on the focus of practice. Each class listed is self explanatory on the focus. There is a class every hour from 06.00am – 09.00 pm. Based on your expectations we can suggest a general guideline to choose the class. For more specific conditions please talk to Ms.Sunita. Please talk to us if you are unsure where to start.
Primarily the styles of Yoga taught include:
Hatha Yoga
Power Flow
Ashtanga Vinyasa
Breathing / Pranayama
Kundalini Yoga
Yin Yoga
Kriya Yoga
Chakra Meditation
Creative Visualization
Tibetan Tantra Moving Meditation
Shinto Meditation
Laya Yoga Meditation
Bhakti yoga
Partner Yoga
Prenatal Yoga from 4th month and postnatal Yoga.
Yoga for Children &
Yoga for fifty plus
Yoga therapy for pain management.
We do not offer hot yoga, swing Yoga and Pilates.
A. Gems Of Yoga has 3 levels according to the regularity of your practice. To be anywhere in your practice the first requirement is your Presence. Please give us a gift of your presence. You are a Beginner if you attend 10 days regularly. You are a Regular if you attend 20 sessions regularly. You are committed if you attend 21-30 sessions in a month. Your level depends on your expectation out of the Yoga practice.

So, Gems OF Yoga wants to ask you as to what is your expectation out of Yoga?
a. Flexibility?
Gems of Yoga Course director Sunita recommends (Yoga for Health)
b. Weight Loss?
Gems of Yoga Course director Sunita recommends (Yoga for Weight Loss).
c. Stress Release?
Gems Of Yoga recommends that you practice breathing, meditation and beginner, back and twists and Turns Yoga sessions.
d. Advance Yoga?
Gems Of Yoga have Yoga High Level. We take you through conditioning for peak poses. The classes recommended for you are:
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday: 05.00Pm ~ 06.00 PM – Ashtanga Yoga
Monday, Wednesday: 04.00 PM ~ 05.00 PM – Beyond Power Yoga
Fridays: 10.00AM ~ 11.00 AM – Arm Balances & inversions.
Fridays: 05.00 PM ~ 06.00 PM – Advance Yoga
Gems OF Yoga starts Prenatal Yoga from 4th month after the fetus is firmly implanted and its safe. We at Gems Of Yoga recommends that you practice Prenatal Yoga in Studio Sun. Prenatal Yoga is held separately only for pregnant ladies. Meditation is with other regular yogis. You can come on weekends and weekdays. The schedule relevant for you is as follows.
Fridays, Saturdays: 04.00 PM ~ 05.00 PM (Yoga).
Fridays, Saturdays: 07.00pm ~ 08.00 PM - Meditation
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday: 06.00 PM ~ 07. 00 PM
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday: 02.00 PM ~ 03,00 PM (Breathing)
Sunday ~ Thursday – 08.00PM ~ 09.00 PM (Meditation)
A. Gems Of Yoga recommends that you can sign them in for Yoga for Seniors. They can join all the classes for beginners, breathing and meditation. We can also customize a program for them with Joint Freedom Series, Digestive series and energisation series with Pranayama in a Private Class. You can also bring them to a workshop that can be created for them on Fridays and Saturdays for 3 hours with special request.
A. Gems Of Yoga conducts a ladies only class and we can accommodate your time request based on instructor availability. (Please arrange with office admin.) Please note cancellation is 24 hours prior or it is counted as a class.)
Gems Of Yoga can dedicate the time for you based on your convenience. Please talk to the yoga teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time for practice. Please note cancellation is 24 hours prior or it is counted as a class. These classes work well for beginners, chronic back pain issues, knee problems for any therapy case that requires precision and care. We also recommend the Advance practioners to take these classes.
A. Gems Of Yoga has Animal Yoga for Children. Please bring them on weekends Friday, Saturday: 03.00 PM ~ 04.00 PM. Check our event pages for Workshops for Children in holidays.
No, we provide yoga mat, towels, free locker rental, yoga props like belts and blocks, water and herbs if required, as per the discretion of the head teacher. You can buy a mat from our store for your home practice. If you want a personal mat, you can bring it.
A. Yes please WhatsApp your booking at 050-1660914. At times we have prenatal yoga, private classes or yoga practices and brainstorming sessions with Yoga teachers. We do not take more than 6 yoga student in one class. But even if there is one Yogi, we still have a class. So even if it is 20 minutes before that you want to come, please do WhatsApp us to avoid disappointment. Likewise, cancellations should also be done or they are counted as a class.
A. Yes we do have showers and please do have the green tea or hot water with turmeric to start the day on a Healing note.
A. Please WhatsApp Gems of Yoga at 050-1660914 the travel dates and we will freeze your package which means increase your validity for the duration of your holidays. Please send a SMS or an email and not verbal instructions or face to face instructions.
A. We have a package of 4 sessions which we can offer her. Otherwise we have a guest policy where for every 8 sessions you can give one of your session to your guest and for 12 sessions you can give 2 sessions to your guest instead of paying full trial class price. After 2 sessions it is charged at the trial price.
A. First please be a committed yoga student of Gems Of Yoga. Attend all classes and various types of Yoga. Explore Fridays, Saturdays workshops. We give credit of workshops toward the Yoga Teacher Training. Keep in loop with Ms. Sunita. Volunteer to assist in few Yoga classes along with the teacher. Do Karma Yoga. Then you can sign in for Yoga Teacher Training at India at Tattva Yoga Shala at Rishikesh or practice in UAE with Ms. Sunita on weekends if you are a working person and weekdays if you are a mom. Please talk to Ms. Sunita to arrange an interview meeting to take it further.
One of the great things about yoga is it brings us all to the same common denominator—we all have the same struggles and worries, and though everyone comes in a different body, each of us has a path to travel to make it a more comfortable place to live. People come to blue lotus with differing levels of experience, but there is room for everyone. We are ALL learning. Talk to us, and we can point you in the right direction.
One of the reasons we suggest beginners start in our Foundations classes and workshops is to help you learn the basic poses and modifications to suit your level. If you move from there into an Open Level class and are presented with something challenging, ask the instructor for a modification if one is not offered. We stress the non-competitive nature of yoga and invite you to make the practice your own — honoring your body and doing what is best for you—not forcing yourself into a shape that you aren’t ready for.
The answer depends on the style of yoga you select, as well as the frequency and intensity with which you practice. Although the focus in yoga is about balance, healing, and reconnecting, a regular practice of Yoga for Strength, weight loss and total fitness and Best Yoga for weight loss will not only open your mind and offer you a fresh perspective on your life, but it also will absolutely change your body. While not an intense aerobic workout, it does burn calories as you create long lean muscles and cultivate flexibility and greater range of motion in the joints. Just as important, as you move into an improved state of well-being, you will make choices off the mat that also improve your health.
A. Yoga is a philosophy, not a religion, though it does have a spiritual component. You do not need to be religious to practice. It has been practiced by individuals of widely differing beliefs and any and all people are welcome at Gems Of Yoga. In order to practice, you only need to believe in the possibility that we can transform ourselves, that there is always more to learn, and that there is a better way to approach life than the old habits that tie us down. At the heart is the openness to see we have not yet tapped into our highest potential as human beings. Yoga seeks to put us in touch with our spiritual core—our innermost nature—that which or who we truly are.
A. The language of yoga is Sanskrit, the language of ancient India. Some teachers use it more than others, and it is nothing to feel uncomfortable about. Although you may never say the words yourself, you will come to recognize them over time. If this is an area of interest for you, there are books in the recommended Books Blog Posting we can point you to, to learn more.
The sound of “om” is actually a-u-m—three separate tones/vibrations. It is considered to be the original sound from which all other sounds emanate. It is the sound of creation and life you hear all around you—the wind in the trees, the buzz of a bee, the hum of a car engine, the rumble of a train. In chanting om before or after practice, we are looking to create unity of breath, sound, and vibration, reminding us we are connected to each other, and the unifying power of the universe. The OM symbol represents the three states of consciousness—waking, sleeping, and dreaming–as well as the universal consciousness that underlies and connects everything.
Namaste is a word of greeting. It is in common usage on the streets of Nepal and India even in modern times, and is generally accompanied by drawing the hands together and slightly bowing the head. Translated directly, Namaste means “to bow” and is considered a greeting from the heart that is reciprocated in kind. Expanding that definition, Namaste recognizes light and goodness of the self and others, and honors the sacredness of all.
A. We keep the studio at the comfortable room temperature to keep the circulation of air at 30 degrees to 40 degrees year-round, so bear that in mind if you are expecting 70 degrees. We suggest comfortable, stretchy clothing that is not too loose or it will get in your way, and make it difficult for the instructor to check your alignment. Most women wear a tank or tee with leggings and men wear a tee with Tracks or cycling shorts. Do plan to practice in bare feet, remove jewelry, and absolutely no watches in the studio. We also ask you refrain from wearing scented lotions and perfumes in respect for those who have sensitivities to fragrances.
A. Although we have yoga mats to loan, you need to have your own mat if you are going to practice yoga. It’s more hygienic, and more importantly, having your own mat will make it much more likely you will unroll it at home! The mats we sell in the studio are eco yoga mats. They are a little more expensive than “regular” mats, but they last longer, are free of toxins, and are completely biodegradable. If you are attending a Ashtanga Vinyasa class, you may want to bring a hand towel and water, though we suggest you drink before and after, and not during practice.
Plan to practice on an empty stomach. If you need a snack, eat a piece of fruit or something light before class. One of the benefits of yoga is its detoxification of the body. Drinking lots of water will help flush the toxins out of your system, so do hydrate well both before and after class. As you don’t want to extinguish all the internal heat you are trying to build during class, if you need to drink while practicing, take small sips. Drink up when you’re done!
In order to keep disruptions to a minimum, please plan to arrive on time and stay for the entire class. If for some reason you need to leave early, please let the instructor know in advance. You are, of course, always welcome to enter and exit the studio (quietly, please) during class to use the restroom.
If you’d like to attend a Foundations workshop, we do suggest you register in advance. For regular classes, you do not have to make a reservation if you are in a unlimited package but you need to cancel your reservation if not coming. Not cancelling your regular booking will incur a loss of 3 days classes first time, one week second time and 2 weeks third time. For limited classes passes of 8-12 sessions please WhatsApp your booking at our WhatsApp no. 050-1660914.Also please cancel at WhatsApp or SMS to 050-1660914 though you may if you like, do it from our website email form too.
We do! Our instructors have experience in offices, hospitals, and schools, as well as offering special team-building classes at the studio for corporate groups. We want to promote yoga as a practice for living a happier, healthier life; a practice that is accessible to everyone. We are committed to offering yoga anywhere and everywhere we can! To arrange a corporate yoga class or series, please contact us!
That is a question only you can answer for yourself. In order to move forward on this path, you need a qualified guide and a supportive community. Gems Of Yoga is the first Yoga studio of UAE to be registered with Yoga as an economic activity way back in the Year 2000. We have a classical Ashram and temple like feel to our Yoga Studio and we follow the classical yoga approach. Our instructors are of the highest caliber, and are continuously studying and excelling within their field. They all practice yoga daily and have offered up a large part of their lives to share this practice with others. Gems of Yoga has been dubbed Sheikh Zayed Road “yoga Sanctuary of Peace” by both newcomers and experienced practitioners because of not only the teachers, but also the supportive, fun, student community we are growing. We are creating something truly unique, and we welcome you to be a part of it.
Please arrive at the studio about 15-20 minutes before class time. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted at the reception desk and asked to sign a registration form. You can sign in and pay for your class there. You will be issued your attendance card and asked to sign in your attendance in the Brown Book and get your attendance card signed by admin.
You’ll be shown where to leave your personal items, reminded to turn off your cell phone, and directed into the studio where you can set up your mat and stretch or meet the other students in the room. Arriving early will also give you time to ask the teacher any questions you might have, and tell him/her about any injuries or physical conditions he/she should know about. It is imperative we know if you are pregnant or are dealing with an acute injury
We are so excited for you to become a member of the Gems Of Yoga community. If there is anything you are unsure about, please talk to us!
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