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Why use Yoga in Schools?

Health science research suggests that yoga and meditation can decrease school behavior referrals, increase “time-on-task,” and improve academic performance by reducing stress.

School psychologists use yoga as an alternative or complement to behavioral and medical interventions for children with attention problems and other social, emotional, behavioral and academic difficulties.

Studies of school-based yoga programs have indicated the following specific benefits to students:

  • Emotional Benefits Less reactive; More optimistic
  • Mental Benefits Increased focus and concentration; Improved quality and duration of sleep; Reduced stress
  • Social Benefits Dissolved social barriers; Enhanced peer-to-peer relationships; De-emphasized belief in stereotypes
  • Scholastic Benefits Improved academic performance; Improved school attendance and enthusiasm for school participation
  • Physical Benefits Improved athletic performance; Increased bodily awareness; Increased flexibility, alignment, and core strength; Increased confidence in physical abilities


Yoga and Mindfulness programs that involve the secular practice of yoga and meditation are increasingly more common in schools. These programs align well with different Emirates and national social-emotional learning standards, health and physical education standards, universal design for learning, classroom management, school safety/anti-bullying programs, and wellness/anti-obesity initiatives.

Yoga in Schools supports teachers in learning self-care techniques, and provides them with tools for engaging, focusing, relaxing, and energizing students in their classrooms. The same techniques associated with improved student behavior could help to prevent teacher burnout and build resiliency.

Invite Us to Your Classroom

The Yoga in Schools program from Gems Of Yoga is based on Bihar School Of Yoga and provides training and coaching for districts, schools, and classrooms. Our staff will help you to plan brain-based, yoga-supported academic lessons and social and emotional development activities.

Summer & Winter Intensives

Learn fun and effective ways to design and present yoga to children at home, school, studio, and beyond. This training offers a template for how to map out class series and build individual lessons that transform yoga practices into playgrounds of self-discovery. Inspire and support kids in the development of important life skills such as mind-body awareness, connectedness to inner wisdom and resources, physical fitness, emotional stability, authentic self-confidence and the ability to internally self-regulate through the playful exploration of yoga themes such as breathing, alignment, focus, flexibility, kindness, teamwork, resilience, finesse, and so much more.

Testemonials from Teachers

“Yoga is everywhere. PE is now reflecting the cultural shift.”
“This is empowering effective teachers.”
“The kids love it; that’s what’s important.”
“This was one of the only programs…workshops that gave us the whole curriculum with training, materials and support.”

Teacher Professional Development

Gems Of Yoga conducts Yoga Teacher Training Program on weekends. Please join that if you want to take your teachings at PE level too.

Thinking about adding children or teen yoga programs at your organization? Answer these questions and our team will help you design and implement a yoga program that will best serve your needs. We will review your plan for free and provide a program outline and quote for your organization, including equipment (if any), time allocation each week, space, training, and technology needed. Please fill out the form with the following information.

Participant Age(s): List all of the different aged children/teens that you would like to participate in your organization’s yoga programming. Our evidence-based curriculum is uniquely tailored for different developmental stages by age and grade level, so please list ages out separately.

Yoga Type(s): Gems Of Yoga. offers program options for both mat and chair yoga. Select the one you are interested in or select both.

Yoga Location(s): List the location(s) within your organization where you plan to implement yoga programming. For schools, this may be the general education classroom, PE class, or after-school extracurricular activity location (e.g. playground, gym). For daycares and non-profits, it may be in the recreation room.

Yoga Teacher: With our flexible training options, you and your colleagues can lead the yoga programming yourselves, or Gems Of Yoga can do it for you. We offer live training courses to certify you and your colleagues as Yoga Educators with Gems Of Yoga through Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. Or have one of our Trainers come to you to lead a program for your organization. Our programs are distinguished by the simultaneous implementation of youth yoga classes, staff yoga classes, and professional development workshops to sustainably improve overall organizational health and fitness. Many of our clients use both!

Desired Outcomes or Needs/Challenges: While adding a yoga program to your organization will not doubt be fun for both students and teachers, it also brings numerous emotional, mental, physical and academic benefits. If you already know why you want to add a yoga program to your organization, please list the intended outcomes you expect yoga to bring the the children and teens you serve. If you are not sure exactly how yoga will help your program, use this section to list the challenges your children/teens face and we will let you know which yoga programs will help overcome those challenges.