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• Each class begins with an invocation or centering as a devotional recognition of the grace-bestowing universal power of Spirit within and around us.
• A key element in an Anusara class is a heart theme, a virtue. The theme is skillfully woven through the breath and postural instructions of the asana (poses) effectively creating the attitudinal expression of the poses from the ‘inside out’. The heart quality cultivates the connection between the physical yoga poses and the greater spiritual purposes of yogic practices.
• A unique set of concise bio-mechanical alignment principles called the “Universal Principles of Alignment™”, is applied to each asana. Anusara yoga teachers are trained to integrate these alignment instructions with the attitudinal heart theme in artful and varying ways, offering students a new experience of yoga in every class.
• Movements and actions within every pose are coordinated with the breath. Postural alignments in each pose are checked in reference to the Universal Principles of Alignment and the teacher may use verbal cues and/or physical adjustments to help each student enhance their full form of the pose. If you are not comfortable with physical adjustments in class, just tell your teacher.
• If necessary, poses are modified or supported with props to help each student achieve the general form of pose.
• Postural demonstrations may be used when necessary to clarify alignment instructions, show actions or show what the pose should look like.
• The Anusara yoga method is designed to serve students of any level of experience, age, gender, race or religion. The Universal Alignment Principles are therapeutic and students with special therapeutic needs may find relief and healing with Anusara yoga.
• There are over 250 poses that compile the syllabii of Anusara yoga asanas. This syllabus encompasses all of the poses are commonly practiced in hatha yoga classes today, covering all of the major classifications of poses: standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, hand balancing, inversions, and restoratives.
• Practicing variations of the basic poses is encouraged as a full, creative expression of the human spirit. Teachers may also creatively include various practices, including but not limited to pranayama, meditation, chakra focus, bhandas, mudras and mantra, in ways that support the theme and/or heart quality, the Anusara Yoga physical methodology and the students’ movement towards Awareness of (Cit) and experiencing your true Nature (Ananda).
• Although there are no set postural routines in Anusara yoga, classes are designed using principles of sequencing. One of the principles includes progressively sequencing poses which encourages students of all levels to advance in their practice.
• Classes are concluded with Savasana and/or meditation or a quiet centering to assimilate the teachings and honor the spiritual experience of the class.
• Ultimately an Anusara teacher’s intention is for every student to leave the class feeling better about him or herself, uplifted and empowered by a revelation of his or her Divine nature.

Classes Overview

Anusara yoga is a modern-day Hatha yoga system founded by John Friend. Anusara means “flowing with grace,” “going with the flow,” “following your heart.”

Anusara yoga, based on a Tantric philosophy with universal principles of alignment, is a popular and fast-growing style. It focuses on experiencing bliss and joy in your yoga practice and your daily life.


Initiate your asana with Opening to Grace, an intentional approach of softness. In the first moment of your pose, align your heart’s intention with your spirit and your physical being.

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Soften your whole being with humility. We start with sitting and centering breathing or meditation followed by warmup sooksham vyam or pre asana exercises and move through 16 postures in line with our heart centering theme.


FROM 11th to 20th OF THE MONTH
You can begin with any asana. The pose of the month happens to be one of our very favorites, Ardha Chandrasana, commonly known as Half Moon.

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As many of you know, the moon often plays a significant role in the various practices of yoga and commonly represents one of the two polar energies of the body. Try channeling your inner lunar spirit as you practice the pose! This session will be an introduction to yoga philosophy as a healing practice that incorporates grounding yoga asana, which focuses on developing a steady seat for meditation. This session will emphasize standing poses and poses that increase range of motion in the hips. We move in grouded levity through integrated standing asanas and arm balances.
A Yogi from Gems Of Yoga says:
I’m working on softening my yoga practice and it’s not easy. A lot of us guys struggle with muscles that get in the way. Big shoulders, tight hip flexors, football quads. Not only does this make the physical practice of asana challenging, the mental side is not tipped in our favor either. Many of us grew up in an athletic culture that values pushing yourself to extremes to maximize physical ability, capture a league title, or make an all-star team. Digging into yoga philosophy over the past seven years has exposed me to very different values.


Tie the weekend together by exploring the idea of yoga as a method of enhancing health and increasing quality of life and relationships.

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Begin with a brief philosophical discussion followed by a full spectrum asana practice. The practices will focus on asana, pranayama and meditation anchored in philosophical teachings, with an emphasis on healing biomechanics of movement and alignment.

What You Get From This Classes

This is a yoga therapeutics session focusing on the musculoskeletal system’s role in healing and transformation. Built up tension, stress or trauma that your body is holding onto affects muscle tension in your body, but can also influence your mood, your energy level, your digestion, your sleep and much more. We move through heart opening theme with backbend as peak. We practice 36 asanas with meditation.

Yoga dates back to an ancient Indian art that is used to upgrade the condition of both your mind and body. To sum it up-it helps purify the body, heart and bring energy to the mind so that you are able to experience a spiritual vision. Anusara Yoga is a modified version of the traditional Hatha Yoga. 11am-12.00 pm regular practice on Friday in combination with breathing and meditation show you how a regular practice of this type of yoga will bring a sense of mental tranquility to you.

Health Benefits of Anusara Yoga & Allignment

There are so many benefits of practicing this style of yoga but some of the most important are listed here. This Anusara style of yoga makes you focus on your mental wellness. It teaches us how important your physical health is too. Working with a yoga teacher and this style will help bring more awareness to your feelings. It is a proven fact that you will walk away from a session feeling more energized, less fatigued and more relaxed.

This style of yoga teaching shows you poses that allow your heart to open. You have the opportunity to express yourself and your inner feelings, which tend to lay hidden. This class at Gems Of Yoga has also been linked to a healthier lifestyle and you may not become ill as easily. It provides flexibility to your body which helps stretch out the ligaments, tendons and muscles which help your overall posture. While going through yoga certification your instructor will learn the importance of deep and mindful breathing exercises which will help your lung capacity. Being able to control your breathing even outside of a yoga studio can be especially helpful to relieve stress.

Your Physical Strength

During your class we are shown that with regular practice you will be more energized and able to fight off illness. Your body will be strong and able to fight any bacteria or virus that tries to settle itself down with you. Being physical and mentally stronger gives your body the message to improve the immune system and protect you from any infection that comes your way.

Improve your Breathing

11am-12.00pm Allignment Yoga is also a benefit for those that may suffer from an emotional disorder or mood swings. This style of yoga will teach you how to face situations in your life that trigger your emotional pain and work through it. Your breathing exercises will also help build your respiratory system stronger.

Excessive Backup for your body

We all know that in order to keep a healthy body we need to take care of you muscles and bones. Our muscles keep us going and have to be kept strong and resilient.  Another focus is that we have to keep our circulation moving to allow for healthy bone growth, tissue building and that all the cellular structures in our bodies are healthy. The 11am-12pm Yoga Allignment will help ensure that all these systems are healthy and keeping you strong.

Great for Lungs

Being able to control our breathing and making sure that we fill our lungs to capacity ensures that we are bringing enough oxygen into our blood stream to provide for all our organs and systems. Lungs are vital internal organs that can benefit from regular yoga practice.

The 11am-12 pm alignment Yoga can bring great relief into your life. If you tend to fall to illness a lot your body will be weak and tired which affects your mental wellness. Please consider weekend workshop to go deeper in Alignment and get started on keeping your body in its healthiest form.

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