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Melt like the white butter in your Asanas to make your creative juices run down your mind

White butter is rich in Vitamin D and is God’s food and helps you to loose weight. It reduces your food cravings. It helps treat minor infections and boosts your immune system and is antibacterial.It contains calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin A & D. It makes your skin glow as it has selenium with VitaminE !
Helps fight cancer: It is packed with CLA or conjugated linoleic acid along with short chain and medium chain fatty acids that have anti-cancer properties.
White butter is used as a remedy for ailments such as ear problems, insomnia, bed wetting, sexual weakness, and even for mental illnesses. It is especially advised to mother-to-be during their fourth month of pregnancy since it helps nourish the growing child and eases labour.
It Lubricates the joints: 
In children it helps develop the brain and nervous system: Since butter contains Arachidonic Acid (AA) that plays an important role in brain function and the maintenance of healthy cellular structure, it is very good for the proper development of a child’s brain. Apart from that it has a unique highly absorbable form of vitamin D that is essential for the proper functioning of the synapses (portion between two nerves that helps the relay of information to and from the brain). Since children’s brains are still forming giving it the right and most essential nourishment is of utmost importance.
Gems Of Yoga recommends you to have Paneer and white butter in your daily eating routine along with asanas and pranayama !
It is recommended to include the paneer as a source of high protein and low calories.
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