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Coming from a dance background, Stiles chooses instead to naturally instruct the movement, frame by frame, rather than use the Sanskrit language. For example, “soften your knees, step your foot back, press down with your legs, lift up and settle into triangle.”
“It wasn’t a conscious decision to not use Sanskrit words, but more of a practical decision to guide the movements in order to keep people in the present moment, instead of announcing a pose and expecting them to get into it,” Stiles said.
If you can breathe, you can practice yoga
“Yoga is something that’s already inside of you. When you practice you feel more connected to yourself which I think drops any worry that yoga is something that’s ‘outside of yourself’, or something that you have to change or conform to,” Stiles said.
We all want to feel better. Thankfully we can change how we feel in just a few moments by reconnecting with ourselves. It all starts with changing our mindset from “no pain, no gain” to self-care.

Classes Overview

We combine twisting asanas with simple instructions and breath awareness to neutralize the spine and prepare our self for forward bends or backward bends. We release emotions and feel liberated with twisting poses.

Classes Lesson

Coming regularly is the only way to explore your body at a different level where you feel that you are as free as a bird. Your body is no longer an opposing body but an aligning body.


We will practice 31 asanas at the beginner’s level. You will come into a more conscious relationship with yourself.

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You will learn some fundamental alignment principles and energetics in the asanas to make them more accessible. You may encounter deep emotional tension and other feelings that may be difficult to stay with.
The twists penetrate deep into the body’s core toning kidneys and liver while creating suppleness in the spine and opening the chest, shoulders, neck and hips. Active supine twists strengthen the abdominal obliques. Regular twisting helps keep the spine soft tissue and health of the vertebrae discs and facet joints of the spine, restoring the natural shape of the spine.


FROM 11th to 20th OF THE MONTH
We will practice 38 asanas of twisting at a regular yogi level. You will release any emotional tensions that you have been holding onto.

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Breathing deeply, rooting down and lengthening up are the keys to deeper twisting. When twisting the vertebraes are naturally drawn closer together compressing the ribcage and lungs which makes it more difficult to fully inhale and slowly exhale. Be attentive that while rooting and extending you give even more emphasis on inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly.


We will practice 44 asanas at an experience and and commited Yogi level.

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Practicing each day as though it is the first time, the advanced student appreciates that there is always something new to learn everyday. Unattached to the outcome of the practice, you are fully present to the experience of doing yoga as a process through which to learn more about oneself while remaining open to change in conscious ways that bring about greater freedom and happiness in life. Approached in this way, the yoga path is endless, there is no final asana or experience one attains and says “I am done or Now I have learnt all. We don’t have to master but explore. Working with advanced student, we can safely check their ego with shoes at the door. They will step onto the mat with refined somatic awareness born out of years of intensity of self-exploration. They recognize the centrality of breath in doing asana and know from experience how conscious pranayama expands the horizons of awareness in the bodymind.

What You Get From This Classes

You become aware of your mid thoracic spine. You practice symmetrical and asymmetrical twists and we develop pelvis neutrality awareness. Twists are neutralizing asanas after deep backbends and forward bends.

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