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Yoga is about health and not disease it is a spiritual science not a material one. Spirit always remains healthy while matter is subject to decay and death.

There is no physiology without pathology nor vice versa. In health it’s called prakruti and vikruti or good and evil. In tantra the twin force is Shiva and Shakti, Ida and Pingala, purusha and prakriti. According to tantra and yoga it is not the life and death that has to be sought but the aim should be to develop awareness. Yoga is the vision of yoga between pathology and physiology. Life itself is full fullness and whatever it brings we should accept it all. Do not differentiate. And what about death? It is just a part of life. That’s all.

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Hypertension is continuous elevated blood pressure. BP is systolic and diastolic. The causes of heart strain are many and complex involving the nervous system, through which mental and emotional processes influence the cardiac function and the metabolic, digestive and reproductive systems, which frequently place excessive demands on the heart. Heart maintains blood circulation in body. The power of the heart depends on Heart valves, fibres in the heart muscle wall, the influence of nervous system in controlling the internal diameter of the blood vessels and the amount of fluid in the bloodstream. Hear consists of the durable cardiac muscles.

The Arterial Circulation
The blood circulates through arteries, veins and capillaries.

The Chambers Of The Heart
Heart has 4 chambers. Oxygen rich blood comes from lungs to be distributed to full body. It enters left auricle, then down into left ventricle. When left ventricle contracts mitral valve snaps shut closing the connecting door to left atrium. Sametime aortic valve opens to allow blood to be distributed from aorta to other arterial branches of the body. From Aorta first 2 coronory arteries arise which supply blood to right and left side of the heart itself.These are giving enough blood to keep the heart nourished. If they thicken and less blood supply goes, or a blood clot or constriction causes blockage due to nervous spasm or hardening of arteries, then a hear attack or heart failure can occur. Degeneration of blood vessel wall is called Arteriosclerosis. It is related to animal fat diet, cigarette smoking, lack of exercise and excessive mental strain.
Regular practice of Yoga can relieve and prevent this disease by removing tension and by a sensible dietary habit.

The Venous Return
The right atrium and right ventricle operate in a similar way to the left atrium and left ventricle. They pump oxygen depleted blood, to lungs. The impure blood with carbon di oxide flows to the right side of the heart through veins and to lungs. In lungs the blood gives out carbon di oxide which is expelled from body with exhalation. In exchange a fresh supply of oxygen is taken up, and this blood flows back to left ventricle and it goes on.

The work capacity of the Heart
The heart pumps 24 hours a day, 50-80 times a minute from birth to death. When heart beat stops life stops. That is 100,000 contractions ain one day and 37 million times in one year. In 70 years it amounts to two and a half billion beats.

The Pacemaker
The heart beat rate is governed by pacemaker or SA node, a specialized nervous tissue located at the top right side of the heart. This node generates a rhythmic electrical impulse which is conducted throughout the upper chambers of the heart and then on to all the muscle fibres, initiating the cardiac contraction. Thus the heartbeat is controlled by the output of impulses from the pacemaker, which is regulated by the everchanging needs of the body.

The seat of Human EMOTION
Our emotions effect the behavior of the heart and heart disease is an emotional disorder. Adrenalin an d non adrenalin secretions cause heart rate to be elevated above its optimal resting state which causes strain to heart.. Interpersonal relationships and unruly emotions disturb the hormones and puts more strain on heart. Sympathetic activation sends arteries into spasm. So heart must pump against a high back pressure of the blood in the arterial tree and hypertension (high B.P.) results. Hypertension is a serious and damaging disorder accelerating blood vessel damage, leading to kidney and heart failure and posing the risk of sudden death by stroke (bursting of blood vessel in the brain). The stroke is not because of a clot but because of spasm of coronary arteries due to over activation of sympathetic nervous system. The same applies to Angina, a chronic form of coronary occlusion where spasm of the coronary artery is an important factor caused by mental tension.

Relation of Cardiac and Sexual Function
Our emotions and instincts outlet occurs via sexual behavior. The pituitary gland is controlled by hypothalamus releasing hormones from the brain which are synthesized in response to our mental and emotional states. That means semen in men and menstrual cycle in female results directly from emotional metabolism. Men suffer more than women from vascular and degenerative heart disease till menopause.
Yogis state that by balancing the emotional and sexual activities, the hormonal level is reduced and balanced and a man can preserve his health of the heart.

The role of Diet
Fat and cholesterol amount the heart. . Eat a low fat, low cholesterol vegetarian diet and unsaturated vegetable oil. Meditation lowers the level of cholesterolin the serum.

The Cardiac Personality
This is a middle age man who is aggressive, self-assertive and competitive and usually successful. Relaxation and meditation is recommended for this personality.

Yoga balances the emotions
Yoga dhyan tratak, yoga nidra, meditation helps to even the emotions and suppressed emotions surface and the person is liberated because of yoga practice. Yogic practices unburden the heart providing mental and cardiac relie f to the patient.

Inadequacy of Medical Solutions
Drugs are often lifesaving in crisis or tolower a very high bp but they do not go to root cause.
When the emotions are known, experienced and expressed consciously with an increasing faculty of awareness, cardiac strain can be reduced at its origin. To relieve the burden on heart first the emotions should be known, accepted and expressed and then transcended.Emotions cannot be suppressed. Through yoga for emotional health we learn to express our emotionsin a healthy and fulfilling way. Meditation is must to yogic life. It gives peace,stability and awareness to the person trapped in pain, fear, guilt, insecurity and emotional agony. MEDITATION INDUCES A CHANGE IN BODY AND MIND.

Classes Overview

We practice a combination of asanas, pranayamas, yoga nidra, meditation, shatkarma, karma yoga, changing the life style, swadhyaya, bhakti yoga and change in diet. Heart patient should avoid constipation

Classes Lesson

We practice the bandha, mudras, asana, pranayama and yoga nidra with meditation and positive readings.


Yoga nidra in savasana or vipareetkarani pose. We can practice joint freedom series.


FROM 11th to 20th OF THE MONTH
We can practice jal neti and vajrasana and its variation as advised by theteacher like cat, child pose, updog, camel pose.Witnessing the natural inflow and outflow of the breath.Nadi Shodhan without holding. Brahamari pranayama is good. Antar mouna or mindfulness meditation used in hinayana Buddhism helps.


We can practice the digestive series depending on the stamina. We can practice padmasana, yoga mudra, matsyasana, dhanurasana, shalabhasana, bhujangasana, pascim uttanasana and ardha matsyendrasana. No inversions. The vipareetkarni can be for half a minute in beginning. Meditative asanas like siddhasana are very good.Abdominal breathing and Ujjai breathing is recommended.For hypertension sheetali and sheetkari cooling pranayamas are recommended. Ajapa japa with Ujjai pranayama helps. The preventive maintenance foe degenerative diseases is Kriya Yoga.

What You Get From This Classes

You learn how to replace fear which onsets a cardiac arrest to yoga nidra management of heart health.

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