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Philosophy and Sensibility in Giving Yoga Adjustments
Sthiram Sookham Asanam steadiness, ease and presence of mind is Yoga.
As a teacher we cross the bridge from practicing to guiding. We can speak, demonstrate, touch and even sing to evoke the spirit of our student being fully into the self-reflective and potentially transformational practice.
People learn according to Howard Gardner multiple intelligence theory. Some student learn well from verbal message, some need visual model to get it, some are tactile and need to feel it in order to comprehend it internally. We use all means.
With hands on yoga teaching we can guide, refine and support your practise beyond verbal and visual demonstrations.
Guiding with our hands we mean using one’s hand, arms, shoulders, torso, hips, legs or feet. Spoken word, demonstration are a start and the end point in teaching but the hands on adjustment can convey even more.
1. It can clarify a verbal cue.
2. Highlight an energetic action.
3. Give you (our student) a feeling of support.
4. Bring awareness to the unconscious part of the body.
5. Deepen an asana.
6. Safely increase range of motion creating more trust and open sense of connection between us (teacher) and you (student).
Hands on adjustment help give you a more stable foundation, to aligning your body safely and comfortably while staying connected to the breath and body with mind as a main guide.
We are a guide to our student who has their unique intentions in practice which can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual and we merely help to deepen their connect and in this moment both student and teacher transform.
The part of our neuromuscular system that gives us part of our inner self perception- proprioceptive (perceiving of self) functions – is often inaccurate making our larger kinesthetic awareness of movement and positioning in space less than accurate. Breathing more consciously assisted with the teachers clear simple touch, students can awaken to even deeper and clearer self-awareness.

Classes Overview

The class takes you into standing, core integration and arm balancing poses adjustments.
Each asana has a different foundation that create chance to explore and learn grounding actions. With rooting space is created in joints. Lack of rooting creates instability and joint tension.
The functional anatomy and biomechanics of each asana gives us its alignment principles, which tell us how best to position the body in each asana. Different bodies demand different alignment and hands on cues can guide student into safe practise.
After establishing foundation in asana through the grounding actions and alignment, it is easier to create other energetic actions that refine the integrity of the asana even further. Energetic action involves lines of energy to enhance grounding and to help create opening from foundation to extension, flexion, rotation, lateral flexion, contraction and expansion.
How we approach an asana shapes how we experience it and how we can refine it which in turn influences the experience of coming out of the asana with stability and ease.
In transitioning In, first establish the proper foundation with correct alignment of grounding along with energetic action that enhance this foundation and facilitate stable safe comfortable transitional movement. Once in the asana, we apply breath and energetic action to refine and deepen our exploration of the asana and then apply energetic actions to simply and easily transition out of the asanas.

Classes Lesson

This class is applicable to yogis who are committed in their practice.


We will adjust our Tadasana as a starting point and move into Utkatasana, parivritta Utkatasana , Ardha Uttanasana, Uttanasana, malasana, prasaritta Padotanasana, Anjaneyasana, Ashta Chandrasana, Utthitha Trikonasana, Utthita Parsvakonasana, Ardha ChandrasanaParsvottanasana, Parivritta Trikonasana, Parivritta Parsvakonasana, Warrior poses and eagle and more.


FROM 11th to 20th OF THE MONTH
We will adjust te abdominal core integration poses like revolving supine twist,Tolasana or scale asana, Lolasana or Dangling Earring Posture, full boat or Navasana, yogic bicycles, Pelvic Tilts.


We will move into adjustments of arm supports and balancing asanas. We will adjust downward facing dog, plank pose, , chaturanga dandasana or four limbed staff pose, bakasana ( crane posture), Parsva Bakasana or side crane posture, Bhujapidasna , tittibhasana ( firefly posture), Vasisthasana ( side plank), Dolphin pose and more.

What You Get From This Classes

You learn to tune in to your body. You learn to honor the inner teacher in you. You become attuned to the biomechanics of your body. You learn to read and interpret the language of your body and transcend the limits of your body. You refine your yoga practice.

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