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Components Of Yoga Class are :

1. Right Attitude
2. Yamas
3. Niymas
4. Subtle Energy knowledge
5. Nadis
6. Bandhas
7. Mudras
8. Pranayama Knowledge
9. Purification of koshas and nadis with shatkarmas
11. Right Sequence of Asanas called Krama
12. Vinyass or breathing units in one asana and how much to hold.
13. Overcoming Obstacles of practice with right food, right samayama

Class Overview

This style involves major Asanas and principles of sequencing.To obtain best result we cannot sequence the asanas how we want but they should follow a sequence as we will show you in this class. The sequencing is called Vinyasa. The breath is Ujjai and at places bandhas are applied. We apply the langhana or the langhrana kriya based on the Vata, Pitta, kapha body type.

Classes Lesson

Daily practice to open up your body is required. Drishti helps to focus the mind to a point rather than too many thoughts which can take your presence out of the asanas.


From 1st-10th of the Month

We practice till we perfect.

(i). Uttanasana & Padhasta Asana
There are 8 forms of this asana.
(ii). Parsvottanasana
(iii). Padottanasana
There are 5 vinyasas
(iv). Ardhabaddha Padmottansana
This has 10 vinyasas.
(v). Chaturanga Dandasana ( 10 minutes)
This has 4 vinyasa.


FROM 11th to 20th OF THE MONTH

Here we practice

(vi). Urdhvamukhsvanasana for 15 minutes in final pose.
This has 4 Vinyasas.
(vii). Adhomukhsvanasana
There are 4 Vinyasas.
(viii). Pascimattanasana
This has 16 Vinyasas.
(ix). Ardhabaddhapadmapascimotanasana
This has 22 Vinyasas.
(x). Tiryangaukha Ekapada Pascimottanasana
This has 22 Vinyasas.



Here we practice

(xi). Janusirsasana ( stay for 5 mins to 30 minutes)
There are 22 Vinyasas.
(xii). Upavistkonasana
This has 15 vinyasas.
(xiii). Baddhakonasana
This has 15 vinyasas.
(xiv). Supta Padangushtasana
This has 21 Vinyasas.
( xv). Supta Parsvangusthasana
This has 23 Vinyasas.

What You Get From This Classes

All the impurities and deposits of the flesh residing at all the joints of the bones and the meeting places of the nerves are quickly expelled out of the body.

There will be no slouching of the body. The apana vayu in the lower abdomen is cleaned and the digestive power is strengthened. Bloating of the stomach, bad belching, ajeerna vayu all such diseases will go away. This will cure all diseases related to stomach Practice this every day for 15 minutes to remove all diseases of the stomach. Pregnant women should not do it.

All urinary diseases, diabetes and wet dreams will disappear and viryam will thicken and entire body will become strong. For one-hour practice of Janusirsasana diseases of the spleen will be removed. Anaemia, T.B. intestinal problems will be removed. Do not eat tamasic food. All acute diseases that stop urine and faeces, increase heat in the nadis and cause increase in vata will be removed. It cleans the parsva nadi and destroys acute Tuberculosis.

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