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Our mission is to support and uplift our local community in being strong, supple and soulful by offering wow-factor personalized classes which enhance lives on all levels.

Classes Overview

Yoga is a tool to create more time as a cluttered mind uses more time to d the same activity. We give you some yoga poses for invigorating and you can come to the morning activator class. The yoga will awaken your core and enliven your day. You want to come mid morning, yoga will provide the mid-morning wake up and uplifting effect the effect of which will recharge you. You can also use yoga at lunchtime to lift and balance you. It will clear your mind. Practicing yoga in the afternoon will be stabilizing and releasing. After your office the yoga can distressed and restore you. Near bedtime yoga can be a wind down and nurturing time and you can close the day with soothing chakra meditations and yoganidras.

Classes Lesson

In beginner’s class we try to explain more and practice the neck shoulder back opening postures followed by core strengthening, energizing twisters and wall supported inversions based on your strength and energy for the day. We end with stress release forward bends and relaxation in Savasana.


Don’t put off feeling happy – use the tried and tested techniques of yoga to feel better today! Practice yoga off the mat and bring it into your work. Before a meeting give yourself, an energy boost and energize with 5 minutes yoga. Our yoga teacher will guide you. Take a moment focusing and bring your body and mind to balance. Yoga is a stress buster. It helps to relieve and release tight shoulders. Yoga is a body calmer and it clears your mind like magic. Yoga helps to boost and improve your awareness of the present moment. It relieves your back and brings vitality and positivity to your day. The Yoga balancing poses develop your mental and physical poise. We practice an integrated sequence for Yoga for Balance.


FROM 11th to 20th OF THE MONTH
Using all your muscle strength to stretch deeply in a yoga sequence can actually give more energy. Give any one of our sequences all you’ve got and you will reap generous rewards. The poses of our beginner’s sequence will leave you feeling open, fresh and vibrant. Do yoga on weekends and enliven your time off with flowing movements. Practice yoga before a night out to revive and rejuvenate yourself with a backward and a forward bend. Free up your body at the weekend with a releasing Friday stretch. Firm a friendship and invite a friend and as a part of our guest policy your guest can take one of your classes instead of paying a trial session charge. Working with a partner means that you can stretch more deeply, while breathing together is bonding and heart opening. Enjoy strength and suppleness in tandem with trusted partner. You can avail partner yoga on valentine’s day or ask a class on demand for partner yoga on your birthday or anniversary. We practice backward and forward bends.


Seize a free moment and create a space to unwind when you’re feeling wound up. Be bold – after all, if you wait for conditions to be perfect, you may risk never getting started! Practice yoga as you move through the world to bring energy, balance and relaxation to your life. Practice yoga and then find inner peace and quiet by practicing in the park. Try to use awareness from your yoga session on your sofa and try to focus on your breath to relax your mind and body. You can reset your breathing to a steady soothing rhythm in bed. You can clear your lungs and your mind at home with our yoga@home sessions. If you want to create your 5 minutes yoga rituals at home you could also enliven your whole body and release tight shoulders in your kitchen while arranging a meal. You can practice yoga in a hotel room to rejuvenate yourself after a long day or when you need some time out. You can invite Gems Of Yoga for a chair Yoga or a normal yoga to relieve neck and shoulder tension and center yourself and your colleagues. If you would rather do it yourself then you can practice yoga at your desk to energise you. You could practice yoga to sooth your tired eyes in front of a computer. You could practice yoga on a metro to uplift you and develop your compassion to connect with the world. You could practice yoga on a plane to energize.

What You Get From This Classes

To counter tension in mind and body, completely absorb yourself in any one of the practices, journey inward and focus fully on the sensations of your body. If you can turn away from those everyday worries and go within for just one minute, you’ll feel a gratifying shift in your inner world and reemerge fresh and focused.

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