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Tantric Kriyas are techniques that a single individual can do to accelerate his or her spiritual growth. If one has tried to quiet chatter of the mind through meditation with little success, Tantric Kriyas will provide surprising results because no effort is put into stopping the mind. On the contrary, the mental mechanism can do whatever it wants. As Kriyas begin to purify the subtle body, emotions will arise, thoughts will occur — just let them happen. It is all part of the healing process necessary to become open to higher vibrational energies. Over time, these emotional releases will be replaced by clarity,
energy experiences, and even visions. Just continue to do the practices.

Classes Overview

In Tantric Kriya Yoga, two allies are enlisted to facilitate meditation and tap quickly into the subtle energies. The first ally is the breath. The breathing process never stops. The practitioner can control the breath, and through this control, influence the body, the emotions, and the mind. All of these are connected.

Classes Lesson

The second ally is awareness. The term kriya means “action” in Sanskrit. Even though the body is quiet, in Tantric Kriya Yoga, awareness always keeps moving. Awareness is a sensation, almost a tingling, that is localized to a specific spot or site.


You learn a new principle, called psychic breathing, and introduce the practice of Chakra Breathing, that will energize and begin the purification of the chakras and other specific energy points in the subtle body. class lesson.

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We introduce the frontal and spinal channels necessary for the practice.
Kriya Chakra Circuit, that connects the chakras and kshetrams together in a single breath.
The location of the chakras and kshetrams are introduced.
Knowing the general position of these points is necessary before proceeding with the practice of Tantric Kriya Yoga. Review these locations.
There are seven chakras, four kshetrams, and a special point called Bindu.
The practice of psychic breathing is explained. This is the technique of breathing prana in and out of a specific point and is best linked to the yogic breathing method called ujjayi breath where the glottis is slightly contracted. When this is performed with each chakra and kshetram, it is called the Kriya technique of Chakra Breathing.

The Kriya Chakra Circuit is actually a figure eight. It is the combination of the frontal and spinal channels.
We then introduce the fourth part which introduces a new Kriya that employs sound vibration to help open the spinal channel. This Kriya is called Sounding the Spinal Channel.
Part Five introduces the So Ham Kriya. It links the mantra So Ham with the breath and awareness. By now, many have adopted a regular Kriya sadhana (practice), doing Kriyas every day or every other day or even just once a week.
Part Six introduces many new concepts and techniques including, mudra and moola bandha, that will help perfect and intensify your Kriya practice. The three psychic gates or locks are discussed. It also introduces the next Kriya, known as Kriya of the Great Attitude. This is a very powerful Kriya that combines many important aspects of Tantric practice into a single technique. Now practice Kriya of the Great Attitude.
Part Seven introduces the Kriya of the Great Piercing. With it several yogic techniques are employed including the root lock, nose-tip gazing, throat lock, and stomach lift.
Substantial power is added to your Kriya Practice through doing this Kriya.
This is the last part that introduces the Kriya Orbit.
Part Eight introduces the Ladder from Earth to Heaven, a Kriya that places more focus on the spinal channel and chakras.
Additionally, the aspects of developing a sadhana practice
are discussed. Guidelines are given on formalizing your Kriya Sadhana including instruction on the use of a Kriya mala and how to Seal your practice at its end. Having chosen to follow these Kriya instructions, you are following the Tantric path of Self-
Reliance for you have selected your own spiritual sadhana.
Practice The Ladder from Earth to Heaven Kriya.


FROM 11th to 20th OF THE MONTH

Tantric Kriya Sadhana

A Kriya Sadhana is an advanced sadhana especially if you have not done sadhana before. Yet it is one of the most powerful sadhanas that, if performed, will accelerate spiritual growth incredibly. So far, these instructions have introduced seven Kriyas that I hope you have chosen to practice occasionally. Now I ask you to get serious and adopt a Tantric Kriya Sadhana. Choose a practice time that is both convenient and private (a period when
you will not be disturbed). Follow the sadhana outlined in the table. Its main emphasis is on Kriya practice. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes or more depending upon how slow and deep your breathing becomes. Begin with the preliminaries. Do as many Kriyas as you can in the order given. Always start from the first one. Kriyas build upon one another, the latter ones becoming more effective and powerful if preceded by the earlier ones. If you run out of time, just stop the Kriyas, and do the Sealing activities.


Part Nine presents the Waterfall from Heaven Kriya. It also introduces the concept of the Deputy Steward, the voice within that guides you on your spiritual path. Part Ten presents Parvati’s Lotus, the first of several kriya visualization practices. It also discusses the witness phenomenon and presents a model of the thinking process.

Parvati's Lotus

Parvati’s lotus is my favorite kriya visualization – the forming of a lotus flower on top of the head. It follows naturally from the last kriya, the Waterfall from Heaven, which soaks the ground where the roots of the lotus plant form. All the kriyas presented in these articles are given in a precise order. Always do the previous kriyas before undertaking any new ones. They prepare one to receive the energy of more advance kriyas. This one directly activates the crown chakra. This is the first kriya that employs visualized imagery. Rather than focusing on the sense of attention as in the previous eight kriyas, visualized the flower and sense the energy in the image itself. Some people do have difficulty visualizing. If this is the case with you, attend to the sensations once again. For instance, sense the expansion and contraction at the crown chakra.

Tantric Kriya Yoga: Shiva's Trident

Part Eleven presents the kriya known as Shiva’s Trident. Its goal is to open the tenth gate, known as the Doorway of Brahma. To achieve this, we seal off the nine gates of sensory input and focus on piercing the tenth gate.

What You Get From This Classes

Kriya practice will accellerate life’s changes quickly. Regardless of what happens, it is important to continue to do the Kriyas no matter how sporatic they become. Reinforce your Kriya discipline by practicing whenever the desire is there. If possible, set up a regular period to practice, and continue to do them, even though the world seems to be falling around you. Believe that doing Kriyas is the most important action in your life. All other activities are secondary. Spiritual growth will substantiate the impermanence of your other activities. You may lose your job, divorce your spouse, have health problems.
Whatever happens, you are a spiritual being who is growing and flourishing. Kriyas are your inner secrets, your inner practices the skills that will teach you how to drive your vehicle through life. If you experience uncomfortable change, the rewards will be there farther down the path replacing that which you think you have lost. You may become more healthy, obtain a better job, or meet a wonderful partner. You will enter into right relationship with all aspects of your life. A stability in life will occur that totally supports
your spiritual growth.
Paramahansa Yogananda presented a nice equation in Autobiography of a Yogi. If one practices Kriyas eight hours a day for three years, one evolves 1,000,000 years into one’s spiritual future. Think about that. One million years is more than 10,000 lifetimes all in three years. Yet, who of us has eight hour days to sit in meditation? Fortunately, Kriya practice is accumulative. If you do it, you will never lose what you have gained. So let’s break it down: 8 hours every day for three years; or, 4 hours every day for six years; or, 2
hours every day for 12 years; or, 1 hour every day for 24 years; or 1/2 hour every day for 48 years. Now it becomes more manageable. Any one of us can evolve a million years into our spiritual future in just a single lifetime. Even if we do nothing, we will eventually get there after 10,000 lifetimes of playing the same old games. It is up to us to choose how fast we want to evolve. Every minute of Kriya practice takes us two years ahead. Certainly, we are at a time in Earth’s history when every minute we are conscious is essential. Take responsibility for your spiritual growth and drive.

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