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About Sunita Bhalla

Sunita Bhalla , a punjabi parsi stays in Dubai, UAE and is married to Jimmy Mehta for last 18 years and runs the first Yoga and Meditation Center of Dubai, UAE for last 21 years. Having been initiated in her early age of 5 years her first teacher was her own grandparents who were devotees of Krishna’s Geeta. All children were invited to Ashram and learnt Sanskrit Slokas from the residing Saints and did selfless service or Karma Yoga on the shores of the Ganges !


Life did a 360 degrees turn and relationships and expectations created a havoc in a young girl of 22 years and led to a spiritual quest which culminated on the foothills of Himalayas under the tutorage of a team of living Yoga Teachers from Himachal Pradesh, Bengal, New Delhi , Bihar and the MAster Guru Dhirendra Brahamchari who taught the Prime Minister of India Late Indira Gandhi and her two sons Rajiv and Snjay Gandhi as well.


Yoga acted on Physical level by creating a new body which did not hold on to trauma and the mind became clearer with an urge to change the setting and Sunita moved to United Arab Emirates and GCC. Yoga was a hobby as being a free spirit the urge to be independent was strong and hence the next 10 years were the years of a wandering and experimenting in Sharjah, Dubai, Bahrain, Indonesia, Malyasia, Singapore, Egypt and back to Dubai! The 10 years were worldly, corporate filled with the hard facts of being a single and independent woman wanting to live a life on her own terms.


Year 2000 was pivotal as an article in Gulf News about the demise of distinguished Dhirendre Brahamchari who could ride a horse straight back at 70 years, had black hair and was clad in a white muslin dhoti even in freezing snow crashed his helicopter while flying it from Katra , Jammu to Delhi sparked the birth of Gems Of Yoga !


Since the year 2000 , Sunita has done Svadhyaya and self study and followed various masters from East and West and blended it with Science, Shamanism, Sounds of Mantra, principles of Natural Health, electromagnetic energies and created a very interesting Yoga scehedule for Gems Of Yoga studio where she apprentices her Yoga teachers to offer various Yoga, Breathing and Meditation offerings.


She has acquired Registered Yoga Teacher accreditation from Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Professionals UK, Dubai Reps, First Aid Certification and Yoga accreditation from CCRYN ( Central Counsil Of Reserach In Yoga & Naturopathy), New Delhi, India. Her Bacheolar in Home Sciences from Delhi University and French from Alliance Francaise assisted her in tackling Yoga Anatomy , applying child psychology for her course of Animal Yoga for children  and Food Sciences and biochemistry helped her to understand the chemistry of nutrients and provide common sense food recommendations for Weight loss Yoga ! Her MBA from Bradford studies helped her to not apply the business principles but apply the principles of Conscious Business to Gems Of Yoga !


Gems Of Yoga offers Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Allignment Yoga, Static and Dynamic Yoga in a progressive manner for chidren fromm 7 years to teenagers to adoloscents to Young Adults to Middle age and Silver Sneakers for whom the Chair Yoga is offered ! The corporate Yoga is offered under the title “The Blooming Of The Lotus “. The Program Design Director has to continuously read, practice,learn, explore, reallign and offer a unique design as Gems Of Yoga offering !


The present Virus of the first dimensional world has created a stage for change and Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence and algorithms are changing this world to recaliberate and define new words and meanings for Awareness, soul, self care, resilience, intelligence, money, time, space, attraction, metaphysics, human design, brain matters ! Gems of Yoga is still floating evnthough the waters are turbulent and Sunita says that Gems Of Yoga is sailing under the grace of the Divine  goddess which would always keep Gems Of Yoga afloat !


With much Gratitude and Light

Om Tat Sat !

Sunita Bhalla