Introduction to Chakras - The Seven Microcosmic Chakras of the Neck

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The Seven Microcosmic Chakras of the Neck

A crystal grid is a number of crystals arranged into a particular geometric form creating a particular energy field.

The neck has an "S" shaped curve very similar to the spine and an analogue can be found at each cervical vertebra. This additional chakra practice for the seven vertebra of the neck and as a microcosm for the rest of the spine can be done alone or integrated with the above practices is an excellent 7 step exercise for those with blockages in vishudda chakra, neck, or throat problems.

EARTH -- lam between the 7th and 6th

WATER -- vam between the 6th and 5th

FIRE -- ram between the 5th and 4th

AIR -- yam between the 4th and 3rd

akasha -- ham between the 3rd and 2nd aum between the 2nd and 1st

aum again between 1st and then entering into the talu chakra

note: that sometimes the name of the chakra behind the occiput at the brain stem is called "talu", while in other literature, "talu", refers to the region at the cerebellum.

One can continue to break down the energetic points of the body and give them names and sounds which symbolize their energetic resonance, harmony, activation, and stabilization. Commonly there exist recognition of the chakras at the cupped arches at both feet, at the heels, knees, and both hip joints, the cupped arch at the palms of the hand, the wrists, the elbows, and at both shoulder joints (gleno-humeral joints). In addition many tantric systems recognize at least one chakra below the body belonging to the earth proper and at least in space above the head belonging to the sky region proper. These two follows around the human body where ever it goes as long as it is alive. It is through this body that Shiva's love is communicated to Shakti, and how Shakti's love toward Shiva is expressed in a balanced mutual timeless non-dual synchronicity.


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