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Thinking about training to teach?

First things first, you will need to have been practicing yoga for at least two years, before embarking upon a teacher training course.

Teacher Training can be one of the most exciting and life-changing decisions you will ever make. Here are some simple steps to consider when deciding on a course:

  1. If possible take a regular class with the teacher;
  2. Visit the Studio where the Training is being held;
  3. Ask the Course Director to assess your Practice or at least speak with him/her;
  4. Ask to speak with past Graduates from the Course;
  5. Ask what the assessment process is for the Course;
  6. Be clear when the assessments are due for the course and in what format they are required;
  7. Ask if the Course runs a Mentoring program during or after;
  8. Request a copy of the course syllabus and schedule so you know what to expect;
  9. Ask about further training opportunities, staying in touch days, further development workshops;
  10. Be clear on the terms and conditions/refund policy for the course;
  11. Become familiar with the course Code of Conduct with which you are required to adhere.

By taking a teacher training course registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals, you know you are in good hands. Our Trainers have met our stringent conditions and are taught by some of the most highly experienced and qualified professional teachers in the world. You will be supported throughout your journey by our network of teachers and trainers who are experts in their field.

Use our listings of Trainers and Teacher Training Courses to find the best course for you. Remember, our accredited training courses all have their own approach and individuality, so it is worth considering what type of training you are looking for. Whatever training course you decide on, you can be sure that is taught by our highly experienced Senior Yoga Teachers.

Right from your decision to take teacher training, Yoga Alliance Professionals will be there to help. All Trainees can apply for a free Trainee Membership with Yoga Alliance Professionals. You will be able to add Trainee insurance for the duration of your course (subject to residency). You will receive regular newsletters and business support to set yourself up as a yoga teacher. In our YA Store you are eligible for great discounts on mats, books, equipment and other useful things you might need. You will be able to review your training course and once you graduate you can easily upgrade to full teacher membership.

Please be aware that our Trainee Membership and included benefits are only available for Trainees enrolled on Training Courses offered by our Trainers.