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Top Yoga Poses For Mommies And Babies
Ladies Only Class. Time for Mom & Baby Class is: Mondays & Wednesdays: 11.00 AM -12.00 PM Validity : 2 months.
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May 12, 2018 at 11:00 amtoDecember 31, 2020 at 12:00 pm
Gems of Yoga Dubai
AED 1500/12 sessions

Come do Mommy & Baby Yoga six weeks after birth (or with doctor’s approval) and bring your baby!  We will move through traditional yoga postures to tone a mother’s body after delivery, and begin to feel your core strength coming back. Mommy & Baby Yoga incorporates breath-work and body awareness while engaging the babies throughout the class, and finish with singing children’s songs. Come to celebrate your new child and share this special time bonding with your baby and other new moms. Dads, relatives and friends welcome too!

This class focuses on rebuilding strength and increasing flexibility with exercises that are tailored to a woman’s postpartum physical needs. Throughout the class, mom is encouraged to interact with her new baby by holding her little one as she holds warrior poses, by carefully moving baby’s limbs into baby yoga poses, and by softly massaging baby. Moms are encouraged to take care of their babies by nursing, cuddling, or changing diapers as needed. This class is a lovely way for a new mom to reconnect with her own body, to connect with her baby, and to meet other parents. This class is for all fitness levels, and no yoga experience is necessary

With all the benefits of yoga for adults, what mom wouldn’t want to pass on those benefits to her baby? Baby yoga at the library is the way to do that through the enthusiastic instruction of teacher. The teacher demonstrates the poses on a doll, and parents and caregivers are able to gently maneuver babies into a wide range of baby yoga poses, such as baby down dog, baby bridge, and flying baby. Baby yoga class, which is geared toward pre-crawlers, also incorporates songs, cuddles, baby massage, and sweet affirmations. Benefits of baby yoga include stimulation of nervous and digestive systems, increased muscle coordination, and relaxation for both mom and baby. Attending this class provides the opportunity to learn new ways to engage and play with your baby at home as well as a chance to meet other parents in a playful, friendly environment. Baby yoga class is FREE, and no yoga experience or mats are needed, Participants should bring a small blanket to use as a mat for baby.

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