Sri Chakra Puja

Sri Chakra Puja

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Seven Chakras

shivohamThe infinite world of time & space is reflected by the seven psychic crosspoints working as invisible Yantras in the body.

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  • Where: Shambhala is not on the map.
  • Description: "Stainless Light"

Shambala Kala

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Chakra Balancing for the Throat

1 Watch video Chakra Balancing for the Throat, Fifth, or Vishuddha Chakra Healing.

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Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra) Explanation

3 Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra) Explanation. When a person enters Ajna Chakra, light will form around the aspirant head and aura.

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Watch Yoga Dance Arts

2 Yoga Arts Dance at the 1st yoga Festival in Greece.
Dance movements facilitate a sense of self esteem, freedom ...

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Chakra Kundalini. Spiritual awakening.

4 Chakra Kundalini.
Spiritual awakening.

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GOY Message from the CEO

Gems Of Yoga Mission and Values


Through innovative educational experiences that awaken the best in the human spirit, Gems Of Yoga provides hope and healing for individuals and society.


Accountability – We expect each of us to do what we say we will do, to meet commitments, and be dependable and responsible.

Holism – We honor the mind, body, heart, and spirit in each individual, knowing the need to balance and blend all these elements. In our programming, we encourage authenticity as a means to build trust, and as essential to the growth and development of the whole.

Integrity – In business and in relationships we conduct ourselves with honesty, fairness, truth, candor, and respect. We treat others, as we ourselves would want to be treated. We focus on the collective good.

Service – We value the practice of service and what it teaches us about ourselves, and our relation to others. Our participants are here to experience the world in new ways. We are attuned to and care about their experience, needs, and expectations. We treat each other with similar grace.

Simplicity – We strive for clear, direct, and unambiguous communication. We seek true, underlying meaning, and employ spiritual guidance in that quest. In this way, we work to make sense of the complexities of modern life.

Sustainability – We consider the impact of our actions. We advocate for fairness in the treatment of all species, make decisions for the common good, and encourage activism as a means to social justice. Our facilities are grounded in the awareness of our relationship to the environment. We endeavor to have our work in the world be self-sustaining.

Teamwork – We work together, inclusively, collaboratively, with energy, intention, and commitment. We keep each other informed, share what we are thinking and doing, and expect the same in return.

Welcoming – We invite people to find space here, to feel safe, to create community, to feel at home, and find nourishment. Our environment is nurturing, relaxing, stimulating, and inspiring.


Bobby Clennell
Bobby Clennell
Paul Stone

Bobby Clennell
Sandra Hill
Ian Batten
Mark Shepherd

Written and recorded by Warren Senders Performed by Warren Senders and ensemble, "Anti Gravity", in Pune.
Filmed at Speedy Films, London

A Message From Founder & CEO

After spending the past 10 years with Gems Of Yoga, I feel very privileged to be writing this message as the Founder & chief executive officer.

This is a special time in our company’s history as we celebrate our 12th anniversary. We began our journey February 6, 2000, and have spent the past decade continuing to build our brand, which has now become synonymous with our commitment to helping our clients share knowledge and create innovation.

As a company, we have seen much change over the past 10 years. For example:

  • A mushrooming of yoga centers in UAE since the year 2000.
  • An increased interest in Yoga by local community of UAE.
  • An acceptance of Yoga and meditation as a therapy to reduce obesity and deal with stress.


Gems Of Yoga continues to be a place where people from all walks of life come for inspiration, restoration, and new ideas. Our mission guides us to help people find health, happiness, and community while living gently on the Earth. It's beautiful to see the work that happens here and the experience that people have. In the end that's what has kept me going through the difficult times. When we look out at the world it seems more split apart and more environmentally unsound and fragile than any of us ever imagined. So I think it's important for Gems Of Yoga to look at the issues around us and see if we can, in some fashion, show people how to create more compassion, more love, more happiness, and a deeper understanding among people.

Looking ahead, we are focused on accelerating the execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our brand—in helping our clients share knowledge and create innovation and in bringing positive change to the communities in which we work and live. I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe the best of Gems Of Yoga is yet to come.

Sunita Bhalla
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Gems Of Yoga


Thank You Partners & Sponsors

As a Yoga organization, Gems Of Yoga is able to realize its mission through the generous support of more than a hundred Friends of Gems of Yoga generous contributions, government good will, and like-minded partners and sponsors. With your help, we are able to continue our mission of providing hope and healing for individuals and society.

Gems Of Yoga Appreciates Your Support

In appreciation of your gift, Gems Of Yoga is pleased to provide the following privileges:

Friends of Gems Of Yoga

Recognition on the annual giving poster that will be displayed in our lobby.
Above plus member pricing on tuition where applicable (discounts will apply for 12 months from the time of your donation); and recognition in welcome book.
Above plus Friends of Gems Of Yoga tote bag; recognition in Gems Of Yoga Annual Report.
Above plus acknowledgment as a Gems of Yoga Supporter. The Gems Of Yoga Circle
Above plus a 20% discount at the Gems Of Yoga bookstore; recognition as a member of the Gems Of Yoga Circle in publications.
Above plus invitation to a Gems Of Yoga -sponsored private reception. Our Mission Now
Above plus a special gift selected for you from the Gems Of Yoga online bookstore.
Above plus an invitation to a special Gems Of Yoga event.
To become a sponsor or renew your sponsorship, contact:
Sunita Bhalla
Development Director

Support Our Mission Now!

Support Gems Of Yoga and help fulfill its mission to awaken the best in the human spirit. Your gift to the nation's most trusted source for yoga instructions and studies will help:

  • Strengthen Gems Of Yoga health, wellness, and body-mind-spirit programs.
  • Create major new initiatives to inspire individual and social change.
  • Provide scholarships for people in need.

Gems Of Yoga depends on the generosity of individuals like you to fund the work that program tuition, cannot fully cover. Every gift ripples through the experience of more than 500 participants annually, and through every participant, into the world we all share.

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Introduction to Chakras

The Chakras are part of Tantra & Yantra. Your body is the most powerful of all Yantras. The world originated from Cosmic Person body. The Sun came out of his eyes, the moon from his Mind, Indra & Fire from his mouth, Wind from his breath, Air from his navel, Sky from his head, Earth from his feet---. The body condenses the entire universe in it.

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  • Shambala KalaText of the Kalachakra Tantra
  • Ground Kalachakra
  • Inner Kalachakra
  • Path and fruition
  • Astrology

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5 Elements Yoga

  1. AUM is the essence of all the Vedas and reveals the highest Truth. The method of concentration of mind through that AUM is hereby being expounded for the sake of the aspirants after liberation.
  2. The Supreme Brahman (Supreme Reality), eternally free and immutable, existed alone. That owing to the superimposed identity with its own Maya became, as it were, the seed of the universe as the unformed and the unnamed.

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