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An instructor will come to your house and customize a programme based on your body requirements. The company will provide the car and driver for the instructor. On the first session the instructor will choose a place in your house relevant to yoga and decide the seating and direction of yoga mats and set up a class. After the first session you would need to have a class set and ready before the yoga teacher arrives. It’s ok to offer the yoga teacher a water bottle. You will be required to sign your class so that you know how many class you have taken. The trial session cost is separate. It is Dhs 390/ session (75 minutes) for a trial class for a maximum of 2 persons. Beyond 2 persons it is considered a group class and the class is charged per student.

Please ask for details from the office at 04-3315161 or send email at

What to do?

  • Enroll for a personal trainer
  • Learn yoga in the privacy of your home
  • You can invite 2 family members (including yourself), but the instructor follows the pace of one person.


What you learn?

  • Kriya - Cleansing procedure for body
  • Minor Exercise - Loosening up exercises
  • Asanas - Postures
  • Pranayama - Breathing Exercise
  • Savasana - Normal Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Mudras
  • Bandhas
  • Kundalini Meditation


You move from the beginner to the intermediate to the advanced levels. Both male and female instructors available.

Benefits of Yoga

Keeps your body toned and supple.

  • Increases flexibility and stretches muscles you did not know existed.
  • Prevents aging as it stops degeneration of cells.
  • Very effective for arthritis, osteoporosis, joint pains, specially for women over 30 years and men over 40 years.
  • Keeps blood pressure, blood cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, cervical spondolitis, back pain, and digestive system related disease in check.
  • Increases immunity to diseases
  • Improves spatial memory for children and adults.
  • Reduces stress and helps to correct the sleep cycle and improve the quality of sleep.


Benefits of an at Home Practice

Finding the time to get to a yoga class is definitely challenging; fighting the traffic, finding a parking spot and then checking all of those frustrations and your ego at the door makes it even more challenging.

Yoga is a highly intimate activity that requires an unobstructed flow from mental, physical, emotional and spiritual in order to establish a true connection to a higher knowledge within and to gain the most benefit from your practice.

Practicing yoga in a classroom offers great benefits in that you receive direct guidance and correction from instructors. It is also an excellent way to meet others who share the same interest. However, the downside of practicing exclusively in the classroom is that there is a tendency to become dependent on your instructor and the classroom setting itself for motivation. When an at home practice is not developed in conjunction with a classroom practice, one can become attached to the social energy of being in a classroom, where rather than focusing on practice and personal growth the focus becomes dependent on performance through progression of the postures. This type of practice is ego-based and completely contradicts the entire philosophy of yoga.

An at home practice takes one out of the classroom comfort zone and supports an independent thought process. Developing routines or sequences independent of an instructor, enables a student to hear inner guidance and attempt to correct the body alignment themselves. This more personal approach requires stillness in order to listen to the body's cues and know when to push or pull back the posture. An at home practice allows most external distractions to dissolve, relaxing the ego and allowing the mind to focus on the body and the present moment, so crucial to an effective yoga practice. Advancing ones practice from ego driven to spiritually based, allows for a more rounded approach to practice; encompassing the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects rather than just the physical progression of the body in each pose.

As mentioned , setting a daily sequence, even doing 5 or 6 poses each day with 1-2 sun salutations is enough to set a positive daily intention for the day. Grouping poses together according to a specific part of the body/ muscle group or category (such as seated twists) and doing a different group each day offers convenience and simplicity thereby increasing the likelihood that you'll stay committed.

Testimonial of Yoga @ Home Client

I am self-employed and a mother of a 2 and 5 year old, which does not leave a whole lot of extra time in the day - so I commit to 15-20 minutes when I first wake up and a minimum of 2 classes a week at my home with Gems Of Yoga - I will sometimes do floor stretches at night after I've put my kids to bed. If you absolutely cannot commit to 5-6 poses a day, do one asana and one sun salutation each day- you can even do it at the office - you'll be surprised at what a difference it will make in your practice and your life.

Madam Hala (practicing yoaga@Home student for 5 years now)

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