Dance Yoga

Grace in Motion happens!

A Chakra Dance explosion happens!

Seven energy centers provide the foundation for this dance of yoga.

We dance the Yoga of the wild and woolly, the sexy and silly, the deep and delicious.

We wrap ourselves in our biggest embodied self while dancing beyond our dreams.

We are held in the sacred arms of mother earth while simultaneously honoring her.

We are shaken to our core by drums and rhythms of the Earth.

We dance our animal archetypes and our spirit prayers.

We dance our energy, inviting it to flow upward from the base of our spine up through the crown of the head, and back down to the earth again.


A blissful body, joyous heart, a steady and quiet mind.


Yoga Dance in my Point of view

Dance yoga has a broad range of health benefits. It has been demonstrated to be clinically effective at improving body image, self-esteem, attentiveness, and communication skills. It can also reduce stress, fears and anxieties, as well as lessen feelings of isolation, body tension, chronic pain, and depression. In addition it can enhance the functioning of the body's circulatory and respiratory systems.

Dance movements facilitate a sense of self esteem, freedom of self expressions and self confidence. I found dance is a powerful medium that helped me cope up with personal issues and it was a simple dance class that had a positive life changing impact on my life.when ever I feel sad I start dancing and in this way I make my mind fresh.

Dance can help anybody through Yoga from depression and any disabilities. It increases self confidence and freeness inside a person. it can change a rude person to a sweet fun loving person.

Isha Satapathy

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