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Sűryanamaskārā Mantras


Suryanamaskaras are usually performed at sunrise, after chanting the following verse.

Hiranmayena Pātrena
Satyasāpihitam Mukham,
Tattvam Pûsan apāvrna satya dharmāya drstaye.

Like a lid to a vessel, O! Sun, your
Golden orb covers the entrance to Truth.
Kindly open thy entrance, to lead me to Truth.

Om Saptashva Roodham
Nakshatra Malam
Chaya Lolam, Chandra Palam
Gagana Sanchari
Bhaskaraya  Namaha
Om Suryaya Namaha

Om Hram Mithraya Namaha
Om Hrim Bhanave Namaha
Om Hrum Khagaya Namaha
Om Hraim Pushne Namaha
Om Hroum Arkaya Namaha
Om Hrah Adhityaya Namaha
Om Hram Savithre Namaha
Om Hrim Hiranye Namaha
Om Hrum Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha
Om Hroum Marichye Namaha
Om Hrah Ravahe Namaha
Om Hraim Savithre Surya - Narayanaya Namaha

Each round of Sūryanamaskār is done after the utterance of Omkar with the appropriate ‘Bija’ Mantra along with the corresponding name of Sun God in the following sequence.



Sarvae Bavamthu Sukinaha
Sarvae Santhu Niramaya
Sarvae Badrani Pashyanthu
Ma Kaschith Dukha Barghaveth
OM shanthi shanthi shanthi

May all be happy
May all be healthy
May all experience what is good, and
Let no one suffer

May all beings everywhere be happy and
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