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The infinite world of time & space is reflected by the seven psychic crosspoints working as invisible Yantras in the body. Chakras provide inner meditative experience in Kundalini Yoga. Chakras are visualised as lotus or wheels or Chakras strung on the spinal psychic passage in the sushumna in the center of the spinal cord in Sushumna running from perenieum to the brain. Chakras depict the mutual correspondence of the human body and the cosmos. Each chakra is associated with sound Vibration, Element, Color, Devata or Animal Symbol.

The following order should be used for coloring and meditating on the 7 Chakras.

  • The Petals of the Chakras
  • The yantra of the Chakras
  • The animal that carries the seed sound (Bija Mantra)
  • The seed sound
  • The shakti of the Chakras
  • The deity of the Chakras

By creating balance between a thinkers brain (understanding concepts stimulating left side of the brain) and artist’s brain (coloring stimulating right hemisphere of brain) will help to change the pattern of brain waves and by using seed sound and righteous order in life; help us to achieve higher states of consciousness.

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