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[3] Manipura Chakra
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[3.2] Sound Meditation of Manipura Chakra
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[3.4] Behavioral Characteristics of Manipura Chakra
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Behavioral Characteristics of Manipura Chakra

  1. This chakra encompasses the planes of karma,charity,atonement for one's error,good company,bad company,selfless service, sorrow,dharma and the celestial plane.
  2. It is seat of fire which shows as angr look,fiery temperament and dashing personality.It is the gravitational center of the body.
  3. This person is motivated by desires for identification,recognition,power and better living conditions.
  4. Such a person will sleep from six to eight hours nightly on their back.
  5. They have great organisational capabilities.
  6. Young persons from 14-21 years are ruled by this chakra.
  7. They are fahionable and in tune with time.
  8. Balance in this chakra can be acheived by selfless service,serving without desire for reward.Charity will clarify one's path of action or karma.Dharma is the timeless law of nature (inner and outer)that interconects all phenomenal existence. By following Ashtanga Yoga one can remain true to one's dharma. After this balance s acheived, the person may enter celestial plane.
The Awakening of Kundalini Shakti

When the Devi reaches the Manipura Chakra Manipura Chakra all that is the Chakra merges in Her Body. Water and Taste are dissolved, as also the sense of taste itself, into Tattva of Fire.
The Varuna Bija Vam Ram.

[3] Chakra Features

  • Techniques & Effects Of Manipura Chakra Meditation
  • Behavioral Characteristics of Manipura Chakra
  • Manipura Chakra from other traditions and other names of Manipura Chakra

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Introduction to Chakras

The Chakras are part of Tantra & Yantra. Your body is the most powerful of all Yantras. The world originated from Cosmic Person body. The Sun came out of his eyes, the moon from his Mind, Indra & Fire from his mouth, Wind from his breath, Air from his navel, Sky from his head, Earth from his feet---. The body condenses the entire universe in it.

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