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Behavioral Characteristics of Mooladhara Chakra

Behavioral characteristics associated with this Mooladhara Chakra encompass the plane of genesis, illusion, anger, greed, delusion, avarice and sensuality. The energy in the first chakra is connected with a desire of security in the form of job an shelter. One who is perpetually plagued by health problems or constantly struggling with financial crisis is caught on the first chakra level. Some unresolved conflict, whether it be physical, circumstantial or psychological, is keeping their consciousness trapped at this level.

Exercises for this involve grounding and working with first chakra. If this is your experience, ask yourself, what keeps you from wanting to change the situation? From whom do you need permission to take care of yourself? Who is responsible for your survival? For your survival you have - to Be & Have things . These are the rights of these chakra. The ability to have is an acquired skill. Expecting prosperity makes it easier to create. A vegetarian diet with protein keeps first Mooladhara Chakra happy.

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  • Techniques & Effects Of Mooladhara Chakra Meditation
  • Behavioral Characteristics of Mooladhara Chakra
  • Mooladhara Chakra from other traditions and other names of Mooladhara Chakra

I want to experience a Mooladhara Chakra meditation to increase my potentiality obtainable by Meditation rather than as obtained by Birth.

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Introduction to Chakras

The Chakras are part of Tantra & Yantra. Your body is the most powerful of all Yantras. The world originated from Cosmic Person body. The Sun came out of his eyes, the moon from his Mind, Indra & Fire from his mouth, Wind from his breath, Air from his navel, Sky from his head, Earth from his feet---. The body condenses the entire universe in it.

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