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Meet Ms. Kalpana

Hatha Yoga and Breathing Teacher and Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher .

Kalpana is a meditation teacher who uses Asanas as a meditation to enhance and explore new mind frontiers. Kalpana ‘s training started by emulating her mother and father who regularly practiced yoga. Born in Northeast part of India is a sacred city of Assam, where Pihu dance and Tea estates flourish. She gravitated to yoga and journeyed to Rishikesh, Swaroopa Yoga center often to find her answers for the questioning mind. She would sit hours in meditation and felt that she could control the fluctuation of her emotions and her journey to yoga. Culminated in her daily various yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, Svyasa, Bangalore and Delhi.

As a yoga teacher Kalpana speaks out her mind expresses freely speaks out her mind expresses freely and takes personal risks. She wants to give to the student who is ready to receive. She is not looking for approval from the student but tries to serve the student by practically showing her experience and through Yogic Methodology of Asanas, Breathing and Meditation. She is a gentle and smiling teacher who is ready to laugh with you and sharing her experiences and keeping the light and the integrity of yoga teachings. Kalpana is a creative teacher the expressions of the sequence and the way she manages her class and give modifications and the inspiring thoughts she shares.

She is teaching yoga and sometimes yoga and meditation can lead to personal expressions, emotional release and a lot of stuff. As a yoga teacher she is able to move forward, counsel the student and not taking anything personally.

Kalpana has a passion for yoga and a strong desire to teach. She can express both the poses and the coaching relationship that goes along with being a yoga teacher. She’s always reading books of her favorite teachers like Osho, Swaroopa Yoga,Yoga, Nakulesh Yoga, Kriya Yoga and implementing her new gained knowledge for her yogis evolvement. She’s always looking to ways to increase her academic knowledge of yoga as well as continue to push herself to take personal risks is the personal expression through yoga poses.


Kalpana is flexible in mind. She is able to give and take feedback without taking it personal. She expresses her faith by her own yoga practice. She expresses her faith by her own yoga practice. Every time she steps on the mat, even during her deepest , she affirm the of human spirit that there is a belief that things can be better. Yoga teachings can be full with practical and personal challenges. But she shows the faith on the mat and in her yoga teachings in her life.

Jithendra Girisha



RYT 200 hours SVYASA Bangalor

RYT 500 hours Yoga Alliance Internationa Delhi

Her Vision on Yoga


She is a Teacher who is living her Yoga. She recognizes that learning is endless and she is ready to dive in, even though things may seem a bit unsteady.

So what are you waiting for?

Spread your mat. We are all waiting for you to step fully into your untapped potential.

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