Code of Conduct for Students

  1. All students shall follow the health and safety advice given by the qualified instructor.
  2. Any student feeling that the current posture is not comfortable or is causing pain shall not attempt to perform the posture, and will discuss the matter with the instructor before attempting the posture again.
  3. Any student suffering from a medical condition (e.g. Asthma, epilepsy) shall inform the instructor and follow the advice given.
  4. All students shall read the risk assessment and shall remain aware of the issues raised.
  5. Only Feedback is received from the students,not criticism.


Corporate Workshops

Our stress release programme "The Blooming of the Lotus" is an initiative to provide energy answers at corporate level for increasing productivity in employee and to make them feel better at personal or self level.
Founded in 2000, Gems of Yoga is the first yoga consultancy of U.A.E. and the membership has since then grown from two members to over a two thousand members at present.

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