GOY Studio Etiquette & Policy

Age - Prenatal/Postnatal - Transportation - Shower:

Anybody from 7 years to 70 years can do yoga. Pregnant ladies can start after 3 months are over.

For ceaserean cases, 1.5 months gap is good. 6 months gap is required after a major surgery.

People with retinal displacement and with major skin burn should avoid yoga.

People with Skin inflammation should inform the office so that the mats and towels can be disinfected as a courtesy and precaution for other members.

From 8.30am – 12.30pm you can bring your child in a pram and nanny to the center.

For postnatal moms we do not provide child care but we can facilitate and you don’t have to leave your child unattended.

Pick and drop with company car & driver is available for special case with an extra nominal charge.

Shower facilities are available except between 5.00pm – 8.00pm.

Types of Packages Price per Package Single Session Price Recommended Yoga Days & Time
Gems Of Yoga Five Senses Studio Yoga Packages
Prebooking & Cancellation required for
6:00am-7:00am & 8:15pm-9:15pm Slot. No Show is counted as a Session
Joining Fees : FREE
GEMSFLEX 1 session/week Dhs 360/4 Sessions Dhs 90/session ALL
GEMSFLEX 2 session/week Dhs 600/8 Sessions Dhs 75/session ALL
GEMSFLEX 3 session/week Dhs 800/12 Sessions Dhs 67/session ALL
Gems Slim Unlimited Yoga Challenge for Weightloss & Sculpt
1 Week unlimited Dhs.450/- Dhs 40/session
1 Month unlimited Dhs.1560/- Dhs 33/session
2 Months unlimited Dhs.2860/- Dhs 65/session
3 Months unlimited Dhs.3900/- Dhs 55/session
Gems Animal & Gems Silver Sneakers (Discounted by 15%)
Once/week Dhs.360/- reduced to Dhs 306/4 Sessions Dhs 76.50/session Fridays & Saturdays 3:15pm-4:15pm Animal Yoga
Twice/Week Dhs.600/- reduced to Dhs 510/8 Sessions Dhs 63.75/session For Silver Sneakers 6:00am-7:00am 7:15am-8:15am
Thrice/Week Dhs.800/- reduced to Dhs 680/12 Sessionsn Dhs 56.70/session
Prenatal Yoga 3 Months
Once/Week Dhs 1500/12 Sessions Dhs.125/-
Twice/Week Dhs 2640/24 Sessions Dhs.110/-
Thrice/Week Dhs 3600/36 Sessions Dhs.100/-
Gems Prana for Breathing, Gems Meditate for Meditation, Gems Royal for Therapy, Advanced & New Comers
Once/Week Dhs 1160/4 Sessions Dhs.290/- Dhs.125/-(extra member cost)
Twice/Week Dhs 2000/8 Sessions Dhs.250/-
Thrice/Week Dhs 2400/12 Sessions Dhs.200/-
Gems Private Yoga (2nd & 3rd Trimester 3 Months Membership)
Once/Week Dhs 1500/12 Sessions Dhs.125/-
Twice/Week Dhs 2640/24 Sessions Dhs.110/-
Thrice/Week Dhs 3600/36 Sessions Dhs100/-
Gems Yoga @ Home (75 minutes)
Once/Week Dhs 1560/4 Sessions Dhs.390/-
Twice/Week Dhs 2800/8 Sessions Dhs.350/-
Thrice/Week Dhs 3600/12 Sessions Dhs.300/-
21 Days Yoga Challenge @ Home
21 Days Yoga Dhs 5775/21 Days
Types of Trial Sessions Trial Session Time
Trial Session Price
Trial Hatha Dhs 100/-
Trial Power Dhs 100/-
Trial Ashtanga Dhs 150/-
Trial Prenatal Dhs 125/-
Trial Breathing Dhs 290/-
Trial Meditation Dhs 290/-
Trial Private Session Dhs 290/-
Trial Yoga@ Home (Dubai) 60 minutes

Dhs 399/-(for 1 person)

Dhs 499/-(for 2 persons)

Toning & Stress release
Yoga Detox Jalneti for Sinus @ GOY 30 minutes Dhs 100/- Includes Neti Pot & Procedure
Yoga Detox Stomach Cleanse For acidity @ GOY 45 minutes Dhs 500/- Only on Saturdays
Yoga Detox Intestinal Cleanse For Chronic Constipation from 2-3 hours Dhs 1500/- Only on Saturdays
Yoga Detox @ Home Jalneti Dhs 390/-
Yoga Detox Stomach Cleanse @ Home Dhs 750/-
Yoga Detox Intestinal Cleanse @ Home Dhs 3,500/-
Nutrition Consultation & Diet Chart @ GOY Dhs 275/-
Subsequent Consultation Dhs 100/-
Yoga Consultation Dhs 100/-
Corporate Yoga TBOL 90 minutes Dhs 3,500/- Corporate
Yoga@Home Trial (SHJ/AUH/RAS) 90 minutes
Dhs 650/-