Sri Chakra Puja

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Sri Chakra Puja
I.1 Origin Of “Tantra
II.1 The 1st Avarana
II.2 The 2nd Avarana:
II.3 The 3rd Avarana:
II.4 The 4th Avarana:
II.5 The 5th Avarana:
II.6 The 6th Avarana:
II.7 The 7th Avarana:
II.8 The 8th Avarana:
II.9 The 9th Avarana:
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“Tantra is a scandal to the Orthodox people. But it is an Indian Cult. It is widely recognized that Tantra is very valuable for people of the present, Westerners as well as Indians. Hindus, Buddhists and Jains share Tantric ideas and Tantric things from times (C.20,000 B.C.) which can be matched accurately with methods, symbols still used today by Tantric.

Tantra today is with extraordinary purity, the most essential patterns of human symbolic expression which stands developed through hundreds of generations. Each generations of Tantric has incorporated the best scientific knowledge available to it.

Meaning Of the word “Tantra”:

The word “Tantra” means Tanutraya ie. Sthula, Sukshma and Karan.