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[2] Swadhisthana Chakra
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More about Swadhisthana Chakra


How is Sex different in all chakras?

Shakti asks Shiva:

How is Sex different in all chakras?

Shivoham Replies:

  1. In the first chakra sexual enjoyment is to satisfy physical urges and for grounding.
  2. In the second chakra Sex is enjoyed for itself and if not controlled the person goes for sexual excesses.
  3. In the third chakra sex gives release from tension and a sense of authority and control.
  4. In the fourth chakra sex is company, touch.
  5. In the fifth chakra sexual satisfaction comes from sound.

In every chakra sex is enjoyed but in second chakra it needs all of the following aspects: satisfaction of physical urge, playful games with different body positions, control, touch and sound.

If the person is spiritual sex remains confined to one partner.

Emotions come from the latin word movere which means to move and “e” meaning out. Emotions promote the evolution of consciousness through the body. When we emote, we move the energy out of unconsciousness through the body into the conscious body, The flow of consciousness charges and heals the body. It is the movement of our life force through which we achieve change. Emotions are linked to movement. Blocking emotion means restricting movement. Suppression requires energy. This suppressed emotion creates havoc in our life. Suppression leads to overindulgence turning pleasure into pain. Pain is an indication that we are going in a wrong direction. Suppression of desire creates deprivation which demands more of our consciousness than it deserves. Only through satisfaction and resolution can our awareness evolve safely to broader levels. Pleasure and emotions are root of desires. Through desire we create movement. Through movement we create change. Consciousness thrives on change. This is the essence and function of second Chakra.

Alternative names

Tantra: Adhishthana, Bhima, Shatpatra, Skaddala Padma, Swadhishthana, Wari Chakra

Vedas (late Upanishads): Medhra, Swadhishthana

Puranic: Swadhishthana

Om Swadhishtanayeh Namah!

[2] Chakra Features

  • Techniques & Effects Of Swadhisthana Chakra Meditation
  • Behavioral Characteristics of Swadhisthana Chakra
  • Swadhisthana Chakra from other traditions and other names of Swadhisthana Chakra

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Introduction to Chakras

The Chakras are part of Tantra & Yantra. Your body is the most powerful of all Yantras. The world originated from Cosmic Person body. The Sun came out of his eyes, the moon from his Mind, Indra & Fire from his mouth, Wind from his breath, Air from his navel, Sky from his head, Earth from his feet---. The body condenses the entire universe in it.

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