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Anahata Chakra from other traditions and other names of Anahata Chakra

Comparisons with other Systems
Tibetan Buddhism

The heart wheel in Tibetan Buddhism is the location of the indestructible red and white drop. At the time of death, all the subtle winds of the body dissolve and enter into this drop, which then leaves the body into the Bardo, intermediate stage, and then into rebirth. The heart wheel in this model is circular, white, and has 8 petals or channels that reach downwards. These channels divide into 3, the mind wheel, speech wheel, and body wheel, and go to 24 places in the body, after which they divide into 3 again, and then into 1000, producing 72000 channels, known as Nadi which spread out throughout the whole body.

The heart wheel is very important within meditation. In the lower tantras, the recitation of mantra is done from the heart. At first, a mantra is recited verbally, then mentally, and then inside of the heart a tiny moon disc and a flame is imagined, from which the sound of the mantra is heard ringing out. In the higher tantras, the Anuttarayoga Tantra of the Sarma schools or theInner Tantras of the Nyingma school, the practitioner attempts to dissolve the winds and drops into the central channel at the level of the heart in order to experience the Yoga of Clear Light; this is one of the practices of the 6 yogas of Naropa.

In the Tibetan scheme of chakras there is also included a chakra known as the Fire Wheel. Its position is not, however, the same as the Hrit/Surya chakra, but is instead above the heart and below the throat.


On the kabbalistic tree of life, the central sephirah, Tiphereth, is associated with the heart region. Christian kabbalists in particular associate this sephirah with love, healing and Jesus Christ.

The Sufis manage a system of Lataif-e-sitta, that are positioned at various points on the body, and at the level of the heart there are 3 positioned horizontally. To the left of the chest is the Qalb, or heart, the Ruh, on the right hand side of the chest, and the Sirr, or secret, of the innermost heart, between the two of them.

The Qalb is called the heart of the mystic, which is caught between the downward pull of the lower nafs, and the upward pull of the spirit of Allah, and thus it can be blackened by sin. It may be purified by recitation of the names of God.

The Ruh is the centre of the spirit, the breath of Allah, and when awoken it counteracts the negative pull of the nafs.
The Sirr is the secret or innermost heart, called the heart of the heart, where Allah manifests his mystery to himself.


In Qigong the middle Dantian is located in this region. This Dantian is one of the three furnaces that transform energy in the body. The middle Dantian transforms the qi energy into shen, or spirit energy.

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  • Techniques & Effects Of Anahata Chakra Meditation
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  • Anahata Chakra from other traditions and other names of Anahata Chakra

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Introduction to Chakras

The Chakras are part of Tantra & Yantra. Your body is the most powerful of all Yantras. The world originated from Cosmic Person body. The Sun came out of his eyes, the moon from his Mind, Indra & Fire from his mouth, Wind from his breath, Air from his navel, Sky from his head, Earth from his feet---. The body condenses the entire universe in it.

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