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[6] Ajna Chakra
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Sound Meditation of Ajna Chakra


Shakti asks Shiva:

What is the form of this chakra?

Shivoham Replies:

Shakti chants OM and you tell me its form.

Shakti started the chant and the words started to flow from her mouth .

I see a luminiscence white circle with 2 petals.

These petals are part of pineal gland.

The seed sound of the petals is HANG, SHANG.

As I meditate on the seed sounds the matrikas are getting activated.

I can see that these matrikas are joined to the 3 nadis.

  1. Vama
  2. Jyesthi
  3. Raudri

An Itra Lingam appears in the center of circle.

It has the seed sound Aum and is luminescent white with little touch of cerulean blue.
Itra Shiva has full control over desires because he controls the subtle mind (suksham manas).

The subtle mind is beyond the operation of the senses which are situated in lower five chakras.

AUM, the Pranava is the source of al sounds and is connected to Anahata Sound.

It creates unity and non dual consciousness.

It is a combination of sun (A), moon (U) and Fire (M).

AUM is carried by nada which is crescent moon called ardhamatra ardh (half) matra (alphabet).

The element of this chakra is Mahat or Mahattatva which consists of 3 gunas and include :

  1. Mind (Manas)
  2. Intellect (Buddhi)
  3. I-consciousness ( Ahamkara)
  4. Being (Chitta) and
  5. The 5 basic principles (Tanmatras).


The gross elements Mahabhuta – earth, air, fire, water and Akasha evolve from mahattatva.

According to Tantra Mahattatva is buddhi tattva, the cause of manas, buddhi, ahamkar and chitta.

At this point Soham continued as Shakti went into deep meditation.

The deity is Ardhanarishvara (ardha-half, nari-female, Ishvara-Shiva) stands or is seated inside lingam.

Shiva Shakti is symbolic of basic polarity.

Ardhanarishvara is camphor blue on the Shiva side and pale pink on the Shakti side.

The two right hands belong to Shiva.

First hand holds Trident which represents 3 aspects of consciousness.

  1. Cognition
  2. Conation &
  3. Affection


With 2nd hand he grants fearfulness.

Shiva wears tiger skin decorated with snakes,tiger meaning control over animal nature of mind and snakes meaning control of poison of passions.

The Left hands belong to Shakti.

In one she holds a lotus, symbol of beauty, purity and knowledge.

In other hand she holds a staff used to control (ankush) elephant.

Shakti wears a red sari and blouse decorated with gold ornaments.

Ardhanarishwara symbolizes that all duality has ceased.

There is only one entity that commands over Self in this plane of liberation (Moksha).

The third eye of Shiva is called Sva Netra (sva means own, netra - eye).

It is the eye of I – consciousness, the organ of clairevoyance.

It is the eye that sees all 3 divisions of time, past, present, future (trikaldarshi).

The 2 eyes are related with Ida and Pingala and the 3rd eye is in Sushumna in the chitrinin nadi.

When the two external eyes close the third eye opens and absorbs  the source of kama (desires) in its fire.

The Shakti for this chakra is Goddess Hakini. She is the doorkeeper.

By concentrating on her the aspirant gets all powers required to work in the Ajna Chakra.

Hakini is an aspect of Kundalini shakti.

Her pale pink color means fully aroused Kundalini.

Kundalini gains an extra head with each chakra.

She has 6 heads here which indicate:

  1. Enlightenment
  2. Thought Control
  3. Undivided Attention
  4. Perfect Concentration
  5. Unobstructed Meditation
  6. Super Conscious Concentration (Samprajnata Samadhi).


She is seated on a light pink lotus and has 4 hands.

  1. In her upper right hand is the drum (damaru) which maintains a steady drone and leads the aspirant to higher stages of consciousness. Damaru means Nada.
  2. Her lower hand is in Abhay Mudra giving fearlessness.
  3. In her upper left hand she holds a skull means total detachment.
  4. Her lower hand holds a Rosary for mantra as a centering device.
  5. The aspirant will experience Soma by meditating on Hakini.
  6. Soma comes from Kamadhenu which is a wish fulfilling cow in Soma chakra.
  7. The aspirant practising Khechari mudra can absorb this nectar by Khechari and remain eternally young as the nectar will not get burnt in throat.


The sound Meditation on Ajna Chakra (sound icon with Om ham sham should start here on this chakra)

The seed sound of the petals is HANG, SHANG.

As you meditate on the seed sounds the matrikas  get activated.

An Itra Lingam appears in the center of circle.

It has the seed sound AUM and is luminescent white with little touch of cerulean blue.


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Introduction to Chakras

The Chakras are part of Tantra & Yantra. Your body is the most powerful of all Yantras. The world originated from Cosmic Person body. The Sun came out of his eyes, the moon from his Mind, Indra & Fire from his mouth, Wind from his breath, Air from his navel, Sky from his head, Earth from his feet---. The body condenses the entire universe in it.

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