Shakti asks Shivoham - How to see the Truth?

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Shakti asks Shivoham
How to see the Truth?
How is Yoga useful in daily life?
How many kinds of mind are there?
Is Yoga physical or mental process?
How many forms of Yoga are there?
How many Yogas are there in Tantra Yoga?
How many types of Prana are there?
What is the meaning of our body being a Castle with 10 Gates?
How to activate Sushumna Nadi at will?
How does this conscious energy exist in the body?
What are five sheaths?
How to awaken the Kundalini, the sleeping serpent?
What is the movement of the Kundalini like?
What is Chakra Meditation?
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How to see the Truth?

Shakti asks Shiva:

How to see the Truth?

Shivoham Replies:

  1. See your psychophysical energy.
  2. Direct it to function correctly.
  3. Transform that energy into spiritual energy.
  4. With help of memory, intuition and imagination, a person can grasp the laws of nature.
  5. Then put these mysterious forces to work for one’s benefit, growth and development.
  6. With tuning and synchronicity of interior and exterior rhythm , one can follow the path of least resistance and float freely in the ocean without getting drowned.
  7. Human body s the most perfect instrument for the expression of consciousness.