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Yoga Teacher Training

Gems Of Yoga has launched the RYT 200 hrs Yoga teacher training as an initiative to provide the regular practitioners of Yoga at Gems Of Yoga to transcend from an Asana practice to more holistic view of yoga. The Yoga teacher training is imparted based on an individuals quest for their inner universe.

The individuals are given an overview of various forms of Yoga available and based on their personality they can choose to follow a path of yoga philosophy which attracts them. We prepare student on one to one basis for yoga and Vedanta philosophy. Asana and alignment is a common class and certain basics of yoga are mandatory for all. We accept yoga student through out the year based on their convenience and interest.

We offer a minimum of one year practical to make the yoga teachers grounded in Yoga. We offer direct contact hours with RYT200 hrs. instructor of Yoga Alliance and visiting and resident teachers of Gems Of Yoga. Yoga sessions start from 6.30-10.00am on all days and from 10.00-8.00pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


a.) Course Curriculum

b.) Daily Schedule during the Training

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a.) Course Curriculum

b.) Daily Schedule during the Training

c.) Application Form







RYT200Register for Yoga Alliance RYT 200hrs

Accredited Yoga Teacher Training with Curriculum

Instructor: Phd in Yoga Dr. Sanjay Kumar and Sunil


Location: Gems of Yoga

From: 25 June 2016 To: 19 July 2016

Cost: Dhs 13,500/-

Please fill the Application Form and contact office 04-3315161 for details or Contact Us

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Dance Yoga

Grace in Motion happens! A Chakra Dance explosion happens!
Seven energy centers provide the foundation for this dance of yoga.
We dance the Yoga of the wild and woolly, the sexy and silly, the deep and delicious.

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